The Lougers once again were invited back to the netourious Globrunx System, the system known for being a corperate and crime-riddled mess, but this time, not by the ever stiffy and incompident Globex Confederation of Corporations that allowed the system to be madly ruined by rampent crime and/or irrespondsable and ineffective attempts to try and cerb it their way, but this time, by none other then Jiombra the Great and Rotten, which the group indeed earned good blessings with the Grutt thanks to reuniting him with his son and putting CEO Demqrolle Zertzsprung-Brinster's indigent order against the Grutt down thanks to Gazelle proving that he and the confederation had no place to deside Rotten's future and that it only served to worsen things. Jiombra reveiled a big revelation: He is actselly a secret ally of the ousted original owners of the Globrunx system, The Xenzenians, A Neomorpth like race of aliens, and though he still admited to be an actual crime boss, he confessed that he wasn't nessersarly out to rule crime for the sake of it, but to try and restrain it and control it subtily so it is not to alarm criminals of something being up. He explained that the secret of Globrunx's founding is actselly a far darker historic secret worse then Globex's place in the Exo-Wars, in that the system's "founding" happned before the forementioned wars took place in that the grandfathers of the same corpreate jackasses that would cause it, are behind the secret corperate takeover and booting out of the Xenzenians because they had a religen that makes them detest corperations cause they believe such to be a breeding ground for rampent greed and corruption, thus leading to the race being booted out onto the adopted home planet Xenzen, their original being Ossoract, the centrol planet of the GCC. And Jiombra warns of a disterbing defeluptment: That the original Homeworld of the Xenzens are already punishing the corperate confederation of slowly but surely becoming corrupt. He explains that in the native planet, there exist an egg-cluster shaped fungus called the Gredroms, a powerful negitive enfluencing mushroom that spreads corruptive spores that corrupts those in positions of easily corruptable power, including corperations, hence the Xenzens religen in why they detest them, and slowly and subtily corrupt the host into maniacal madmen disguised as their usual personas, made worse if they were already sort've prickish like Demqrolle. In because of this, the spores are respondsable for the crime infestation as well, even with Sunblack and Zire, who while were already assholes, were made worse by the spores, and it was sort've why Jiombra's family adopted the harsh philsofiy of not apologising aside of being proud jerks, because it also would've been a wasted jesture because the spores would've still made the likes of Sunblack and Zire to be pricks anyway. With this infomation known, the Heroes aimed to warn the Grand Council to get help to evacuate all non-Xenzenian folks out of the system and to be de-toxed from the spores, but an already highly infected Demqrolle and the Confederation already ambushed our heroes and Jiombra, threating to destroy their credability as heroes forever for cohersing and conspiring with a grutt! Can our heroes be saved by Zony with a change of heart ever since they sort've saved the otherwise still discontinued project when Rotten was able to tell him the truth about everything?

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