Clarendon C. Dayson, AKA Clearskull, is a Superior Cochranella granulosa glass frog from Kratos. He is a supervillain born with a flawed invisibility superpower that makes all but his skeleton invisible, making him scary to look at, thus serving well in his robberies. This disability prevented him from having a stable life and a freak amongst Superiors, to the point where nobody would hire him. Thus with this oppressive lifestyle, he was forced into a life of crime to survive. But after being sent to jail by Ghostess, he sees her as a means to be cured of his disability and aims to capture her. Thus Ghostess has been trying to avoid him ever since because he just won't take no for an answer, and lets other heroes deal with him. Aside from disabled invisibility, he has the ability to manipulate bones, telekinesis, and psychometry.

  • MCode: BomIvbPsyTk.


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