Clem Abraham Mor-Onopus
Vital statistics
Title Clem-Boy, Moronopus, Clemity
Gender Male
Race/Species Big Blue Octopus (Octopus cyanea)
Faction Independent Hunter
Description Mentally Retarded, Alcoholic, Gun-Happy, Perverted,
Skills and Abilities Natural Color-Changing Ability, Accurate With A Shotgun, Commonly Dangerous In Various Ways
Status Imprisoned
Location Bikini Bottom World
  • Hawaii Seas (Homeland)
Alignment Idiotic Evil

Clem Abraham Mor-Onopus is the life-long friend of Cletus and another local idiot jerk causing trouble for the Dragon Realms Yosemite National Park. He was a local drunkerd that because of neglective parents, had a taste of adult programs and ended up becoming addicted to beer, guns, attactive women, and espeically hunting when Cletus showed it to him. He too is another redneck from bikini bottom. Clem was born with mental retardation that ends up making him a step-WAY-backwords for the octopus spieces, and is a huge flunk-out of all known shcools. Clem is a hopeless perverted romantic with a sexest attatude with a deludional belief that he's the sexiest octopus alive.... It always ended with him being slapped in the face. Clem is a hopeless follower and yes man to Cletus, and would always be, even when they winded up being behind the creation of The Deer-A-Nator. Clem is like the super-dumb combined personality of Lefou and Goofy, cause he both Gaffaws alot, and is a giant kiss up to his friend Cletus. His banages on his tenticles are often the result Cletus stepping on them either by accsident or to punish him for being stupid in where even Cletus couldn't stand it.


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  • "Beer! Bullets! Girls! Hunting and a'shooting! I couldn't ask for more! (Gaffaws)"
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