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Clinch Garry Collins
Vital statistics
Title Clinchy Coral Snake, The Clinch Snake
Gender Male
Race/Species Texas Coral Snake (Micrurus tener)
Faction Hog Blank
Description Deadly, Skilled, Embittered, Self-Loathing, Desiring For A Better Life
Skills and Abilities Natural Snake Abilities, Natural Neurotoxic Venom, Agile, Quick
Status Still at Large
Location SpongeBob's World
  • Houston, Texas (Hometown)
  • Point Blank, Lake Livingston (Hog Blank Residence)
Alignment Evil (Albeit Not By Choice)

Clinch G. Collins is a Texas coral snake from SpongeBob's world. He is a deadly snake that has been one of the many under infamous oppression because of being a snake, but was treated awfully because of being one of the worst species Texas had to offer, to where he was framed by a Mexican milk snake bully named Milke and shunned, expelled, disowned by his family, and never been believed for anything he said because of his species. Fed up for everyone's speciesism, he became a murderer who killed anyone who discriminated him. However, in doing so, he would be in a position that he can't clear his name of the one death he didn't do, cause Milke had long ditched town to avoid fingers being pointed at him. He since became one of the best bandits in the region, and was recruited by Hog Blank as a bodyguard and the top henchman. As a coral snake, he has powerful neurotoxic venom that causes neuromuscular dysfunction to humans, and kills animals painfully.


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