The Time Overlord felt the Dragon Army is not gonna go ANYWHERE as long as the lougers remain a continuious threat to their very ability to operate. So, the Time Overlord desided to make every single reformnation the lougers ever made, beyond the former Dragon Army members, all of their reformnations, EVEN SOME OF THE VERY MEMBERS OF THE LOUGE, and redused the Shell Lougers to only the hero members. Cause of this, heroing was made even harder, dishastors in both the original and alternate universes were harder to prevent, and the lougers were deemed no more different then the Jungle Crew and the Pooh adventure team. Cause of this, Cynder is still Dark Cynder, Lord Shen and the wolves serve the villain leage, and since the great cycle wasn't so easily stopped, the united universes is a half destroyed place. The Villain Leage still seek to free Malefor (Who is still a darkspawn lord in this changed timeline) and the Darkspawn out cause of the change, cause in this altered timeline, Kairi died during the Great Cycle crisis (But don't worry, this is an ALTERED timeline, meaning when things returned to normal, Kairi is NOT gonna be dead for real!), meaning Anti-Kairi never happened, the Amoral are still grand design self-corrupted tyrants, Radient Garden is still a ruin, the High Council is mostly almost disbanned, the Uu Senate is corrupt, the Galactic Federation is in an eturnal uproar, many worlds are still trapped in the world of Darkness, and worse of all, the dragon army is now at a much for desistating force now. Can Spyro and Spongebob and the hero lougers be able to fix this incredable outrage and possability, defeat the Time Overlord for good? But how does one defeat a Time Overlord? Fortunately Saldaron and Taldaron, The Nega Cheshire Fox know of the Time Overlord's weakness along with the Time Council themselves: One of which would deffenatly put him out of his misery for good.

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