Clone Therapy is the 49th Episode and Season 3B of SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles. After being redeemed of their evil from Doctor Nefarious, Darklight Spark and her friends have been reintroduced into Equestria with new names (Darklight is renamed Daylight Glint, Meanie is renamed Giggle Glee Candy, Applejerk is renamed Applesauce, Gray Dash is renamed Moonbow Jounce, Cruelshy is renamed Fairweather, and Greedily is renamed Antique Jewels), along with four supervisors: Robust Beak, Arrowhead Pointer, Clucker Roost and Humphrey Tincture. Thus they are sent on a friendship mission in the Grasslands, but they are unaware that it is a trap set up by an evil okapi voodoo witch doctor named Zecillion, who is an old enemy of Zecora, who has been able to cause an uproar between the animal kingdoms and has lured in the Clone Six as slowly-sinking pawns that, should they be problematic, will be sent back to their creator. But when Zecora senses her plans, she decides to contact the Mane Six and Lodgers knowing that Zecillion is far more powerful than her. But due to the map forbidding those not being summoned from meddling, even if they are clones, the Mane Six cannot go. But Zecillion proves more cunning when she demands them to come anyway when the Lodgers are tricked into making the problem worse to the point of an upcoming race war. How will the day be saved now?

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