Cloudjumper is a Stormcutter dragon from Berk that appeared in the movie How to Train Your Dragon 2. He is Valka's dragon and they share a very strong bond that Hiccup admires.

How to Train Your Dragon 2


During a dragon raid, Cloudjumper broke into Valka and Stoick's house. Cloudjumper went to the cradle that held Hiccup, Valka and Stoick's baby son. Valka first thought Cloudjumper's intent was to hurt Hiccup, but instead was trying to soothe him by rocking him. Stoick, believing that he wanted to harm Hiccup and Valka, attacked Cloudjumper. However, the house was coming down and Valka was blocked from her husband and child. Cloudjumper saved her from the fire but took her with him, leaving her husband and child wifeless and motherless.

For the next 20 years, Cloudjumper allowed Valka to ride him. Together, they helped save thousands of dragons from Drago Bludvist's trappers such as Eret, and brought them to safety at the Bewilderbeast's nest.

Meeting Hiccup

After her attack and rescue on Eret and his men, Cloudjumper and Valka then found a Night Fury being ridden by a boy. Cloudjumper was able to overtake them and make them crash with the help of one of the Dragons from the nest. They then brought the two of them to the Bewilderbeast's nest. Together, Cloudjumper and Valka showed Hiccup a few secrets about dragons. However, Hiccup wanted to find Drago in hopes that could change his mind about dragons. Later, Stoick and Gobber arrived at the nest to rescue Hiccup and Toothless where he discovers that his wife is still alive. After her again, Stoick asked Valka to come home with him and Hiccup.

The Final Battle

When Drago Bludvist started his attack on the nest, Cloudjumper and Valka rallied the Bewilderbeast and the nest dragons and fought Drago Bludvist's forces with the help of her family and new friends. However, Drago summoned his own Bewilderbeast which killed hers. Cloudjumper and all the other dragons, except the Scuttleclaw babies, were brought under it's control and Drago's. However, when Toothless broke free of it's control and challenged it, Cloudjumper and the other dragons joined him in defeating Drago and his Bewilderbeast. Cloudjumper and the other dragons then bowed their heads in respect of Toothless as the new Alpha dragon. He now lives with Valka, Hiccup and Toothless on the Isle of Berk.


All that is known is he has an owl mannerism and a second set of wings under his main set that can splay and become an 'X-wing'. His 'X-wings' beat up and down in sync and is probably used for extremely tight turns, maneuvers, and for fighting foes. He has a very muscular and sturdy build; mainly walking on 2 legs and his 2 bottom wings. The dragon's face has two long spines that branch off his nose and to the side with a "smashed" face, much like an owl's. On his back he has spikes that resemble the Skrill's. According to the website, the talons on his wings are dexterous enough to pick the lock on a dragon trap, yet sharp enough to destroy Drago's war machines. Cloudjumper has two scars on his facial spines. He also has tentacle-like spiked spines behind his 'eyebrows' which can swivel to become wider when he is curious or fold back when threatened or upset.

He is not a maximum-sized specimen of his race; 9.5m (31feet 3.25 inches) long, 14.6m (48feet) in wingspan, and weighs 2,500 pounds. Based on portraits seen in the films, however, he seems much larger than these measurements, possibly over 22-24m in length and 22m or more in wingspan.


Cloudjumper is proud and dignified and as a result is not as playful as Toothless, but kind enough to scatter baby dragons away who trifle with Toothless. He is also sensible enough to support Valka in many occasions without clear communications, which is due to his very strong bond with Valka. Cloudjumper's pride, large size and confidence leads him to believe that he is the top dragon in Valka's mountain, second only to the Bewilderbeast, who is the true King. Though he is mostly serious, he knows how to have fun, such as pouring snow on Toothless. Cloudjumper may look big and tough, but actually he is kind and gentle.

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