Clyrilla Reginia Seel
Clyrilla the Sophisticated
Vital statistics
Title Clyrilla the Sophisticated
Gender Female
Race/Species Parava (Umbralla solitaria)
Faction Captain Axxus' Crew
Description Fascination With Pirates
Skills and Abilities Diplomatic Skill, Fast Flight, Aerial Member of Axxus' Crew, Martial Arts
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Rarium Vista, Krex (Delta Universe, Rasdano Sector, Discinsola System)
  • Salty Bayou, Ardalicron (Delta Universe, Tilocrum Sector, Woofu System) (Axxus Residency)
Alignment Antihero Space Pirate

Clyrilla R. Seel the Sophisticated is an Alternate UUniversal Parava from the Moon Krex. She is a regal black sheep that was born to a royal family of diplomats, yet was thinking about leaving when thinking that diplomacy isn't as exciting as piracy, something that she's had a fascination with. But when Governor Foul Cheese began raising taxes and made males the dominant gender of the moons, sending her and her family out of a job, Clyrilla and her entire family moved to Ardalicron and they accepted her dream of becoming a pirate. After rigorous and painful training in the arts of combat and pirate strategy, she was accepted by the only passionate pirate captain available: Captain Axxus. She joined his crew so she could stand up to the abusive rich for the poor when the rich do nothing to stand up to Foul Cheese's uncontrolled taxing and unfairly-restrictive laws. Now, she serves as one of the aerial fighters of Axxus' crew.


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