An Abomination Mang uses as an assisent.

Cobra's Abominations are Spore expies of Rasputin's bat goblins (more pafifcly the snake demons, capable of flight) and Facilier's shadow demons (the various other abominations), created alongside the other Spore villain by Malefor to create a new threat to the worlds. Their only function is to copy the bat demons in every appearance Cobra makes in Madagascar. They even copy Facilier's demise when Shenzi ripoffs Tiana's shattering of the hayacall, only replace drag to hell with mauling. in Spongebob and friends find the black cauldron, when cobra gets a new meddailian, the abominations quickly retain their loyalty to Cobra, and alcourse, sing in simulary with the bugs that singed, "In the dark of the night." there are many abominations, some not even seen yet in the series. 
Demon snake (1)

A demon flying snake abomination.

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