Getting sick and tired of the Oc villains' endless and aimless agendas, and nearly losing Teen Mang in the wars against the Dark Order, Cobra has descited to despose of all of the Oc villains, sparing those who are in the leage's ranks and/or are reformend by Candence. With Malefor's premission, Cobra has offically launched his Anti-Oc Villain Campaign declaring the oc villains a disgrace to the Leage's plans for conquest and that the attempts to bring the villain teams together and various others was just a useless excuse to take over the United Universe. Furthermore, Cobra has comdemend the Oc Villains who refuse to swear loyalty to Malefor to become heartless. However, Or-gan-I-sation, who is operational again but still deludionally evil thanks to the False-Sayer who is involved in this too, Xandronian, Professer Eagle-Beak, Boan, Xerxes, Professer Gloom, Wu Hao, Minister Poo-Poo, Brother Clod, Emperor Destruction, Zhange Wao, Manfred Duck, Al Baldwin Eagle, and a new oc villain, Queen B., a female tarrachula hawk wasp, who are the only OC villains that are not gonna stand for this. They turned to another disloyal follower of Tricorn, Skaling Law, a python with a mixed relationship with Tricorn, to pass a law that protects Indepentent Oc villains that didn't reform and/or forsake their independence called "OC Villain rights", the law prevents OC villains to be destroyed by established villains and villain teams, only allowing villain dispatch by heroes of established and/or OC nature, and what's worse, Skaling has a way with words that makes Tricorn actselly approve this law by saying letting the villain leage do this unchecked will result in a villain war that will damage the united universes. However Cobra is one step ahead of Skaling and the Oc villains requesting the Oc Villain's Rights law because his tactics will expose Skaling and the oc villains as traitors thanks to an ancient document known as the "Darkspawn/Villain Leage's Justice Rights Commandments" he recived from Malefor himself after getting premission, one of the ancient Darkspawn/Villain Leage's Justice Rights Commandments say that no established villain shall kill an oc villain without cause and no established law shall prevent the Darkspawn and the Leage from persecuting oc villains and lesser forms of evil for they have the rights and oc villains are considered fair game to them. However, there was one thing Mang didn't concider: Tri-Corn, who greatly respects the High Council, will outright refused the will of darkspawn laws and commandents due to being a major High Council supporter, and even reguardless of Skaling Law being proven a traitor, will make the law anyway to rub it in Mang's darkspawn loving face, making the campiagn about as illegal as the Germans becoming Nazises. This provoked Mang to go into extremes that even Junjie himself actselly didn't approve of, and declaires a villain fued on all Independent OC villains! Will Spyro, with Kairi, the lougers and friends' support for him be enough to stop Cobra and the Leage from becoming the Hitler and Nazis of all oc villains evreywhere?

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