Cobra's meddailian

Cobra's Medailian

This Medallian is one of the worst weapons ever created by Darkspawn hands. Dr. Facilier introduced it to Lord Cobra when he learned of his cravings for power. This medallian allowed Lord Cobra to awaken the darkspawn at any time. With it, Cobra became the most ruthless villain in the UUniverses.

Then in Madagascar, Cobra used it to curse Alex into eating his friends by giving him steak hallucinations. The medallian was smashed by Shenzi, ultimately destroying Cobra.

A new medallian made by Dark Cynder was given to Cobra when he was ressurected by The Horned King. The new medallian was not able to free the darkspawn since it was not made by Darkspawn hands, but it gave Cobra his other powers.

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