Coils of Crime is the 41st Episode of Season 3B of the SpongeBob and Friends Adventures Chronicles series. In the Alternate UUniverses, trouble strikes again. This time, it's because of a criminal underworld called the Slithering Mafia, which was known for doing black-market trades, smuggles, and bank frauds for the Villains Act. The problem with this is that no one has been able to take it down because of both it's secluded location on Planet Adrinda through underwater caverns, and it's leader: a 30ft long anaconda-like snake named Crime Lord Seftin Sable, who's size is baffling and his reputation as a crime lord is staggering. Even the Heroes Act knows that the only way to stop the Slithering Mafia was to take down Seftin, who couldn't be imprisoned thanks to his size and strength, and couldn't be executed since his reflexes, hide, and abilities prevented such a thing. So a Heroes Act hopeful named Vincent the Magnificent joined their hunt for Seftin because of a personal tragedy of his. So the Shell Lodge is called in for the mission. They soon realize that Seftin, after legally obtaining all the lost technology from the Villains Act, is intending to create a similar syndicate with it. He needed to be stopped before he could make a new Villains Act possible. But how can you stop a snake that's difficult to kill and impossible to lock up? However, the Lodgers say that they can't kill him because of the fact that it would risk them being accused of murder, and they don't kill people that can't be resurrected, and will only do the mission without killing. But thanks to a very unreasonable Vincent, everyone says that they have no choice because Seftin was guilty of over 57 murders, 88 injuries, and even ruining hundreds of lives, and he couldn't be punished any other way, so they believe that a death penalty is the only option. So the Shell Lodgers are arguing about how to punish Seftin, But what if the answer to stop him all this time is through the one thing he could never bring himself to harm: his antihero daughter, Sava Sable?

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Chapter 1: The Slithering Mafia

Chapter 2: Vincent the 'Seemingly' Magnificent

Chapter 3: A Snake Hunt

Chapter 4: Sava Sable

Chapter 5: Vincent Crosses the Line


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