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Chrygen Loana Seashine
Cold Deep Sea (CDS).png
Vital statistics
Title Cold Deep Sea, CDS
Gender Female
Race/Species History Sprite Turned Semi-Heartless
Faction Jing Du and Ding Ju (Formerly)
Description Half-Heartless
Skills and Abilities Natural Sprite Magic and Flight, Strong, Athletic, Magic Trident, Aquatic
Status Alive
Location Berk World
  • Land of the History Sprites (Homeland)


  • Cadance's Reforming Monastery (Current Residence)
Alignment Reformed

Chrygen L. Seashine, AKA Cold Deep Sea or CDS for short, was formerly History Sprite named Chrygen and was turned into a Screwdiver heartless when she and Gemmy tried to expose secrets of Jing Du and Ding Ju, but failed thanks to Heartless the Night Fury. Having a surfer girl personality, smartness in her is, limited, but she makes up for it by being strong, athletic, and a good use for a pointy trident. She serves as a spy with Wildflower to spy on potainional threats and even humiliate them with evalerate lies by Karl the Amazing, being his assisent. She's easily amused by Karl's tricks and is quick to laugh when it works well enough. While not a COMPLETE idiot, she's no rocket sciencetist. Wildflower serves as her brains as she in returns serves as the musle. Being a screwdiver, she became an unnatorlly good swimming, and Karl's magic also made her be able to fly and/or flout as if she's still in water thanks to her shark-helment sevring as a propeling device, and will not hesitate to give serious harm to any foe of the plans to take Berk into darkness. Easily distracted and confuse, she can never afford to ever be away from Wildflower lest she'll end up be more of a liability to Jing and Ding's plans instead of a benifit.


Coming soon...


  • "Dude, like, I'm a freaky underwater monster, man."