Cold Heart the Sadistic
Cold Heart the Sadistic
Vital statistics
Title "Good Heart the Wise" (Cover and Former Name)
Gender Male
Race/Species Snow Spirit
Faction Man in the Moon (Creator and Former Master), Pitch Black (Former Ally)
Description Bitter, Spiritual Body Incapable Of Interaction Or Tangibility With Mortals Without Their Acknowledgement, Sadistic, Cold-Hearted, Wicked, Cruel
Skills and Abilities Powerful, Manipulation of Weather, Snow, And Cold Temperatures, Teleportation, Massive Amounts of Magic, Flight
Status Imprisoned In Depths of Ice
Location Rise of the Guardians World (Homeworld)
Alignment Evil

Cold Heart the Sadistic is an evil and tyrannical Ice Wizard and Pitch Black's associate in Twilight, Spike, Taiku and Alice save The Guardians. Cold Heart is the comeplete oppisite of Jack Frost since he is the Spirit of Winter, Cold Heart is the Tyrant of the North. Cold Heart's maniacal magic comes from his staff which is the gem powering it is made out of solid ice. If anyone who lives in Cold Heart's icy kingdom that dare oppese his wickedness where either destroyed or exiled from their homes. Cold Heart also has a ruthless army of enchanted menacing snowmen that obey his will. When Pitch plans to ruin the Christmas Spirit, He gets Cold Heart on his side and has him put a curse on the North Pole which makes North weak and sick, his yetis are vicious and have to be locked up, and the reindeer become jerks! Now its up to Twilight Sparkle, Spike, Taiku, Princess Alice, their Magic University Friends, HakuShining Armor, Cadance, St. Heart, Bunnymund, Tooth, Sandy and some new friends to save Christmas and defeat Cold Heart and Pitch. However, there may be more to Cold Heart other then just an angry psyco wizard and he might not be TOO devoted to his own madness and Pitch Black's as everyone came to assumed, so it's possable even someone likes him does have an agree of regret in him.  He shares a similar personality to Jafar, but by no means are the 2 related to eachother, and further differences show that Cold Heart's vaugely simuler robe is in dark blue colors to look like near ice wizard assusiated colors, a not too large cyan blue beard, a skinny hat, a snow owl's feather on his head, and an ice staff he walks around with like a cane.


Cold Heart, like Jack, was born after being killed by the icy waters of the North. He originally started out as an Alaskan hunter who fell through ice while being chased by a grizzly bear, and froze to death. He was also reborn by the Man in the Moon and was originally meant to be a member of the Guardians of Childhood, and at first, his training was going well. But after 100 years of trying, he was still an inferior spirit, and therefore, was never believed in. Being trapped in anger, He then decided that protecting children was worthless, and abandoned his position to create a tyrannical kingdom hidden in the North so well, no one found him.

Cold Heart was then known to cause major devastation to not just children, but for their families. He did it by causing blizzards that were among the worst, including the 1993 Storm of the Century, which was so horrible, the Guardians of Childhood began to search for him. It wasn't until 2000 that, with the help of Twilight Sparkle, Taiku, and Celestia, that they find him after he teams up with Pitch Black, who gets him to put a curse on Santa's Workshop that makes Santa weak, his reindeer mean, and his yetis insane. However, outside of considering the Guardians an issue, he meant nothing extreme lke that, as it was reveiled that his anger torwords mortals has since died down thanks to Blizzardflake and his family, and secretly wishes to redeem his anger and only used Pitch as his own means to an end to athhive that, but after Pitch ruined Twilight's magic, he betrays and freezes Pitch, then banishes his frozen body to Antarctica while he was in the middle of glouting, where he reveiled that he ploted for the heroes to come here through having Pitch giving Professor Eagle Beak the Nightmare about Nightmare Moon so he can get Twilight there and give him a portal to send his Snowmen army to defeat Eagle-Beak and become a hero to Equestia and finally become a believed spirit, where he even tampered with Eagle-Beak's portal to The Frozen North to even have them be here.

Originally having meant to send Celestia and the other heroes to the Antarctic, he ended up having a selflessly self-sacrivicing Twilight sent to Antarctica instead, making the truely morally confused fool be without his plan and turned cowerd apawn the heroes sworing revenge onto him, with Cold Heart begging to insist that it was an accsident and retreated back to his castle after being humiliated by Sandman. However, it was eventally proven not be safe forever, as Twilight gets the chance to defeat Cold Heart after a fight and, upon having his own staff, which was the source of his power, taken away from him and destroyed, leaving all his spells on his snowmen and others was undone, Cold Heart begged Twilight to believe that he's still needed to stop Eagle-Beak. But they still had him punished for his crimes on both worlds, and they had him petrified as an ice sculpture, and sent to the icy depths of the Antarctic where he was forever buried and imprisoned.


  • "You will bow before my greatness, or bow before my fatal icy winds."
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