Flannedy Voly Collater
Vital statistics
Title Collaterus
Gender Male
Race/Species Auguran
Faction Independent Villain
Description Bitter, Cynical Evil, Socialist Justice Warrior Menace
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, High Skill in Magic, Tactical Genius
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vilïiï Valley, Ferus (Eta Universe, Anderem Sector, Ackorvinus System) (Homeworld and Current Residence)
Alignment Evil

Flannedy Voly Collater, AKA Collaterus, is an Alternate UUniversal Auguran from Planet Ferus. He was formerly a noble warrior until he was inspired by the fanatic socialist warrior madman known as Fallen Hero, and thus became an anger-fuelled socialist warrior who kills any who treat people wrongly, including himself. He kills and harshly punishes people who treat people badly, and he has thus became one of the enemies of the Mythical Creatures and Beings Unity as his actions were deplorable, as he was foolish enough to listen to a past tragic figure who serves as a cautionary tale of why cynicism and socialist suffering is utterly unforgivable and annoying, and thus they had him stopped several times, and sent to prison. But he was always able to escape prison and continue his reckless acts, and soon enough when he goes into what is considerable the cruelest thing ever, he will be so angry, he'll become augmented beyond belief by an evil space parasite called Watær, which was created by a very dangerous and sadistically-evil space witch and makes a host stronger and more dangerous the more angry and hateful he is. In the case of Collaterus, it gives him the powers of the Fallen Hero and more, and thus when Icky and Iago end up eavesdropping, they end up helping the MCBU defeat him.


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