Ehno Adam Beacher
Colonel Beacher
Vital statistics
Title Colonel Beacher, Beach
Gender Male
Race/Species Omotran Ditann (Xenocereus omotrous)
Faction Villains Act Air Force
Description Aggressive, Self-Determined, Too Much Self-Esteem, Betrayed Feelings, Grudge-Holding
Skills and Abilities Natural Rhino-Like Abilities, Tough Head, Durable Armor, Twin Rapid-Fire Blasters, Natural Strength and Durability, Uniquely Accurate Eyesight
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Rhyton City, Korthos (Delta Universe, Galitar Sector, Haowin System) (Homeland)
  • (Current location unknown...)
Alignment Bitter Evil

Ehno A. Beacher is an Alternate UUniversal Ditann from Planet Korthos. He was an infantry leader for the Villains Act who went by the name 'Beach'. He was involved in many invasion forces in the Alternate UUniverses until he was defeated and imprisoned by Clifton Clever. After a failed revenge attempt, he was soon determined to kill him. He has yet to return.


Ehno was born on Planet Korthos where he grew up as the son of the Interuniversal War hero, Admiral Baxnaith, who fought in the Korthosian Millaterry. After gaining experience in military school, Ehno was able to earn his place in the Korthosian Millaterry. As the years passed, he grew more and more tough, and upon reaching the rank of Colonel, he wanted to retire so he could help support his brothers and dying mother back at home, but his commanding officers denied his retirement since he was needed to defend their planet from the upcoming invasion force of the Villains Act. However, the superiors did it in a way that's disrespectful and heartless to Beacher's personal life. and one of them even insulting him about it, it made Beacher surprised they were THAT uncaring, though it had been known that the Korthosian millaterry has been known to be the biggest, most strictist jerks in Korthos' history for various reasons in the past. While not ignoring that they just wanted to keep their planet safe from Villains Act tyranny, Beacher felt they didn't had to be mean about it and desided to act on his own accord. He then attempted to secretly desert the forces to at least see his fading mother one last time. Praticly apawn after a tearful death, soldiers pounced on him and arrested him for desertion. He was fired from the millaterry by his pissed off, unreasonable superiors, and delcaired a planet wide disgrace to Korthos. Beacher couldn't believe he was being punished, just for putting family first, and duty second, even when he said he was planning to come back and resume like nothing had happened. Angry and betrayed, he desided to make the Korthos millaterry regret they ever desided to be jerks to him, and Beacher had leaked info to the Villains Act about the main base's location, and asked them to spare his hometown. The Villains Act destroyed the main base, bringing a violent end to the Korthos Millaterry, with Beacher having the pleasure to personally exicuting the asshole superiors who ruined his life, and were able to take over the planet. In honor of his help, the Villains Act added Beacher to the anti-rebellion infantry forces that would stop the Korthosian rebellion from destroying their rule.

Within 5 years time, Colonel Beacher realized that his brothers were part of the rebellion. Plus, he secretly cared that his father died long after he allowed the base to be destroyed. His brothers had eventually came across him during the final battle, and tried to reason them with his decisions, and explained that the millaterry were being too mean and hypocriticaly evil to him about their mother that he didn't had better opitions. The Brothers knew that the millaterry were known assholes and wouldn't dream of avenging THEM after that the Korthos Millaterry is tecnecally the most respondsable for the dishastor, but the rebel leader they were with insisted to them that Beacher is still the worse of the two evils, and Beacher wasn't any better then the albeit cruel-hearted millaterry that basturdised him for just caring for his family, he told him that Beacher did too many atosities to Korthos that he can never be an immprovement to the disbanded millaterry a-holes. Being forced to accept that Beacher is a fallen hero that can't be helped, they had no choice but to turn him in. But his infantry soldiers kill them before they can do it, and Beacher desided to make the rebel leader pay for "corrupting" his brothers by killing him, and Beacher orders a hydrogen bomb strike on the rebellion's base, destroying all the rebels once and for all. They succeeded, and Beacher was made a true villain. He still cared that his brothers were dead, and felt he no longer has a place in Korthos anymore, feeling as if enough damage was done, and he decided to join other anti-rebellion forces to stop any uprisings. He lead the Villains Act infantry for years until he was tasked by Qui to launch another invasion force against the Planet Chimerum, where they heard that the rebel leader of this rebelion is leading the attack on one of their outposts, leaving him vulnerable. Beacher lead the forces and nearly destroyed the leader, but was soon caught by Clifton Clever, and sent to Planet Oranos. Years later, he was broken out with help from General Grosvenor and 2 other prisoners. They were able to command another attack on Chimerum once they might've finally found the location of the Chimerum Rebellion Base. And to make sure he doesn't interfere, they have held Clifton's family and girlfriend hostage. While they keep him at bay, their invasion forces aren't able to locate the rebel base due to the infomation turning out to be a trick to make them look like idiots. But when Clifton's girlfriend seems to have the power to defend herself, she frees the hostages, and they defeat the invasion force together, thus leading to a failed crushing to rebels, leaving the control of the planet doomed to an ineditable end. While Grosvenor escapes, Beacher and the others are sent to Oranos again.


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