Kyle Neil Basher
Colonel Kyne
Vital statistics
Title Colonel Kyle, Colonel Basher, Colonel Randomizer
Gender Male
Race/Species Triceratops horridus
Faction Hades Royal Guard
Description Superanimal, Elitist, Power-Hungry, Aggressive
Skills and Abilities Natural Dinosaur Abilities, Super-Strength, Super-Durability, Unpremeditated Additional Powers
Status Alive
Location Kratos
  • Hades, Tartarus Valley (Homeland)
Alignment Evil

Colonel Kyne N. Basher is a Superior Triceratops from Kratos. He is the commander of Jem's royal guards, and comes from the Kratosian underground dinosaur world of Hades. Like the rest of the people out there, Kyne follows the philosophies of Jem's father, Kem, only he believes them in a very different way. He is an elitist, thinking of himself as a much better ruler of Hades than Jem, and wanted to usurp her role as President, and begin the takeover that Hades' people feel is the only way to bring true peace in the UUniverses. He is an extreme jerk to even his own soldiers, only showing respect to his 4 Iguanodon troops, Gallagher, Cable, Rance, and Talman. He even intends to use Jem's secret of accidentally murdering Grotch Prometheus against her, and that would get him on the throne. His powers include a metallic skull and frill, super-strength, super-durability, and an undocumented ability called power randomization, which allows him to have any known Superior power every 12 hours.

  • MCode: Ah???SdSs


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