Colonel Nobility
Vital statistics
Title Nobility
Gender Male
Race/Species Ichthyornis dispar
Faction Ichthyosian Royal Guard
Description Insane, Rough, Brave, Paranoid
Skills and Abilities Flight, Military Combat, Armor, and Equipment
Status Alive
Location Ichthyos (Homeworld)
Alignment Good

Colonel Nobility is an Ichthyornis bird from Planet Ichthyos, and like the others, are similar to Icky. He is the loyal colonel to the Ichthyosian military. He was sent to go guard a sacred shrine for the Devines' Scepter 10 years ago when Emperor Jerky came into power and after Jerky imprisoned the devines of Ichthyos to persue his agendas without being interupted. He was left at the mount of Mt. Jargotelemon on the search for the shrine, and wanted to get the job done so he can see his children hatch. But unfortunately, after years of leaving them there, Nobility turned from a noble commanding officer to a loud, paranoid, and pressuring commander who talks like a boot camp drill sergeant. When he decided to abandon his orders when Jerky was overthrown, he returned to his job, and found out that his wife and kids are okay, but they decided to get a divorce after misunderstanding. He then returned to his job as colonel, which he still is today.


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Nobility is a cerulean-blue colored Ichthyornis bird who has a scar on his right eye. He has brown eyes, and he wears a suit of armor similar to the armor on Colonel Attar on the 2001 Planet of the Apes. His armor is silvery and black, and he wields a large uranium spear.

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