Consotonce Perthy Ontroduce
Vital statistics
Title Leader of the Lost League
Gender Female
Race/Species Spidklon
Faction Dohl Corporation (Formerly), Lost League
Description Mean, Rude, Menacing, Violent, Deadly, Murderous, Intelligent
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Scientific and Tactical Intelligence, Entire Lost League Army, Dracthonsberg AFT Base, Astro-Laser
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Concordance, Epho (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System)
Alignment Evil
Colonel Consotonce P. Ontroduce is an Alternate UUniversal Spidklon from the Moon of Epho. She is the spider-like leader of a minor military group that were defectors of the Dohl Corporation when it still did business in the Beofynzeny System years ago, providing best and revolutionizing it before leaving. After it left, Consotonce and her loyal forces waged war with the Phaseforce because of the fact that she believed herself to be far superior in authority to them after they denied her a chance to make the Dohl Corporation better in the system, and blamed them for their departure. But afterward, they lost the war and became obscured into a new criminal guild called the Lost League, and thus her goal is to ensure that the Uridian Vault she found on her base in Epho is opened, as she claims it belongs to her and thus keeps it safe in her possession, so she can use the untold technology inside to reestablish their plans for revenge on the Phaseforce. To this day, she has never done so even in her mobile AFT base the Dracthonsburg. Before the Shattering on Epho, she relinquished control of the Dracthonsburg to her second-in-command and smartass brother Lieutenant Ontroduce who didn't become Colonel like he wanted as revenge by his intolerable sister, and enslaved the staff of the dig site of Vïrago Solitude where the team discovered the Uridian Vault under their guard today when the Shattering occurred, resulting in the loss of Epho's atmosphere and Dohl abandoning Epho, resulting in her revenge in the war against the Phaseforce and her loss resulting in her planning to use the Vault to get her revenge, even killing it's guardian monster to get to it. 6 years later, after the opening of the Vaults by Awesome Jaxtom, he sent forces to Epho to steal it, but it only ended in failure as the forces were all killed because Ontroduce was too resourceful and tough for them. And in the case her power should be threatened, she established a giant astro-laser of Uridian origin called the Helion, to destroy the moon to ensure that 'if she can't have it, no one can, and that she wasn't afraid to go down with the ship, taking everybody with me.", making her a truly malicious and murderous psychopath. She is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Colonel Zarpedon, and has a similar backstory, yet has a similar yet different personality and capabilities.


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Lost League

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  • "HEY, AOTHO!!! They said your mother was stupid to give birth to Steelea!! (Cackles)"
  • "While you will not have my mercy, you do have my respect!"
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