Synda Teri Scliges
Colonel Scliges
Vital statistics
Title Minor Colonel Scliges of the Villains Act Air Force
Gender Female
Race/Species Stone Aiigiion (Aiigiiosaurus petrus)
Faction Villains Act (Formerly), Head of the Space Knife Collaboration (Retired from over-all villainy)
Description Merciless, Intolerance to Nonsense, Frustrated, Repressed Grief, Angry at Humans, Soul-Shearching.
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Limited Strategic Intelligence, Rough Armor, Space Knife Battleship (Lost)
Status Imprisoned on Oranos
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Sky City, Nygia (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Waifu System) (Hometown)
  • Oranos (Current Residence)
Alignment Retiring from Villainy
Colonel Synda T. Scliges is an Alternate UUniversal Aiigiion from Planet Nygia. She was a pterosaur-like lizard and minor colonel for the Villains Act Air Force. She was a very rough and skilled colonel that shows no mercy in the battlefield as a way to cover the loss of her family and years of being a widow thanks to an accident caused by humans, but was eventually arrested and sent to Oranos. She initially avoided capture until a large collaboration effort with fellow villains Commander Primxus, Lord Serbeus, Rooks, Reaping Rever, Portacle, Boss Ve JauseDak ShalseBaron Huxley, Anklebiter, Mister Iverce, Quill Shot, Cyber Knight, Khimi III, Lord Dominus, Strykes, Crucle, Mistress Zirmage, Chairman Oribem, Mystwind, and unintentionally Cacographer, went south when her prized warship, the Space Knife, which priorly was being given inter-dimentional travel-capabilities, was accidentally destroyed by Saint Polaris and resulted in them all being sent back to the AUU and into Oranos.


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