Wild Claw is back! this time, he was able to have a new show in the Villain's channel in an even more volient show called "Combatica"! this time, he plans to start off the show to have the kidnapped Twilight Sparkle to fight the also Kidnapped Trixie on a balence beam over a pit of acidic lava in the middle of a swarm of skin-eatting bats! Qui was mortifived the Villain's channel of the Villain Station allowed this (though not surprised) and demands the directors to have Wild Claw's new show's plug pulled and to be forbidden to ever get a new show ever again. However, the Villain's station is a strictly independent system and there for works on it's own rules. It's now up to the lougers make the Villains station abit more willing to consider Qui's demand, and stop Wild Claw!

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