Mane-iac has returned from the comics again to get back her allies in the Superior Comics. She starts by harnessing the comics' magical energy, and then using it to alter out some pages, thus changing the pasts of the heroes themselves. As a result, heroes in the comics kept losing, and the only ones who were able to escape the comic carnage were C.A.S.T.L.E and the Victorians. They contact the Shell Lodgers and get them to help stop Mane-iac, and change the comics back to how they originally were. So they needed to take a trip through each Superior comic, and magically rewrite them back permanently. The only way to do that is by helping the other heroes win their battles against evil, starting with the Challenger Children and Agent Mathis. So it looks like they'll have to go through all the issues in order to set things right.

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