Steelea Holgoa Tussiton
Commandant Steelea
Vital statistics
Title Admiral Commandant of the Phaseforce, Corrupt Leader of the Phaseforce Commandant Steelea, Commandant Tussiton, AUU Commandant Steele (OUU Residents)
Gender Female
Race/Species Gruid
Faction Awesome Jaxtom, Phaseforce
Description Albino, Evil, Power-Hungry, Absolute, Dry Enforcer, Deadly, Ruthless, Persistent, Relentless, Strategic, Mean, Stern, Arrogant, Brash, Elastic Prosthetic Ribcage
Skills and Abilities Cerwan's Mutation Grants Phasepowers of Uridians, High-Grade Armatage-Huncus Equipment, Natural Being Abilities, Enhanced Tech-Eye Grants Enhanced Vision, High Power Over The Beofynzeny System, Connected to Phaseforce AI Grid
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Uridium City, Uridia (Theta Universe, Inbaralt Sector, Beofynzeny System) (Hometown and Phaseforce HQ Residence)
Alignment Evil

Commandant Steelea H. Tussiton is an Alternate UUniversal Gruid from Planet Uridia. She is an albino grub-like being and the evil usurping leader of the Beofynzeny System's main police force, the Phaseforce, and she was one of the corrupt soldiers of said force who wished to have had greater command and glory to make the system bigger and better, but due to her controversy, she was denied and disciplined countless times until she finally cracked and disobeyed her commanding officers and did something reckless that nevertheless ended with mission success, but countless deaths, including the loved ones she was denied to rescue. In court martial, after being sentenced to discharging and imprisonment, she escapes, and angry that she was threatened by her own superiors for not only trying to better the Phaseforce, but save many people despite the results, she murdered her commanding officer, who was her grandfather, and took his place, on the same day that Awesome Jaxtom took over the Beofynzeny System. Thus, Jaxtom offered her better funding from Armatage when their Huncus funding was cut by Wusamble Huncus following her usurp. In return, Steelea would serve as his third-in-command, turning the Phaseforce into a corrupt secondary force. She enforces Jaxtom's law of all Uridian technology belonging to Armatage with strictness, relentlessness, bloodshed, absolutes, ruthlessness, escalates, and so many others that make her hated by so many people in the system, including her sister Aotho, who quit and became allied to the front against Jaxtom. Steelea is a jerk, and she is a 'Censen', or a person who has Cerwan's Mutation that allows her to harness Uridian phasepowers, and her sister has such a power as well. She is also responsible for the corruption of the Vault Seekers by order of Jaxtom, as they constantly interfere with his quest for all 88 Uridian Vaults, and thus she had them mind-controlled so they can find the Vaults for him. But later on, but it turns out that she and other supposed Jaxtom loyalists, even Wolholm, were actselly secretly following the orders of Helertia Porsche, into turning against Jaxtom once the last Vault is found and/or a great enough force brings an end to his reign, only for that to be part of a higher form of planning from the major corperations and a mysterious sage to bring out the corruption and make sure the Urdian Tec is shared as intended gifts in a rightful lawful way. She is the AUU parallel to Borderlands Commandant Steele, and before the big reveil of being a clever but overly extreme front, appears just as evil and enforcing.


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  • "GET ME A F*****G VISUAL!!!"
  • "You think you can run OR hide, heroes? The Phaseforce AND the AAF are EVERYWHERE. We will flush you out like the pests you are, and if you surrender now, we will be merciful. Do not resist any further."
  • (To Aotho) "You are a disappointment, sister! Out of all our siblings, I hated you the most."
  • "Jaxtom made it VERY clear to you reprobates. This world is HIS! Anyone who has EVER resisted his orders have been severely punished. I certainly saw to that."
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