Galton Rod Dartagnan
Commander Dartagnan
Vital statistics
Title Commander Dartagnan
Gender Male
Race/Species Horboo (Phobocebous hamugilis)
Faction Villains Act Space Navy
Description Scientifically Augmented, Bitter, Envious
Skills and Abilities Boosted Strength, Speed, Agility, Intelligence, Stamina, Longer Lifespan, Expert Combatant, Strategist, Custom Anscerian Blaster and Plasma Grenades, Durable Uranium Armor, Natural Primate Agility
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ansceron (Delta Universe, Hegedus Sector, Rixeon System) (Homeworld)
  • (Current location unknown...)
Alignment Evil

Commander Galton R. Dartagnan is an Alternate UUniversal Horboo from Planet Ansceron. He is a very powerful Villains Act supersoldier that was injected with an augmentation serum meant to boost his strength, speed, agility, intelligence, and stamina, and even rejuvenate him from his elderly body. He was a leading commander of the invasion forces that took over Nimboo, was responsible for wiping out 5 rebellions, and he was an expert in combat and strategy until he was effortlessly defeated by Clifton Clever. After a failed revenge attempt, Commander Dartagnan was soon determined to destroy him, but has yet to return.


Galton was born on Planet Ansceron as the son of a father who served during the Interuniversal War, and died a war hero. He originally didn't want to be part of the Ansceronian military, and instead wanted to join his friends in the Warbothian space marines. But he didn't have the right health qualifications to get in, and was denied twice. He had no choice but to go into the Ansceronian military, which he has been hating for years on end, and had started wishing he never wanted to be in any military at all. So when his home base was bombed years later, he faked his own death and went AWOL, and lived a better life as an insurance agent. For years, he swore never to be part of the military again, and never let his own family and friends know about his desertion. Unfortunately, when he was discovered by investigators to be alive, he was arrested for desertion. Despite his pleas, he was sent to jail for 5 years.

Blaming society for not giving him what he wanted and never forgiving him for his actions, he soon escaped from prison, and spent years hiding until he went to age 64, where he started getting weaker. However, that was when he had the chance to join the Villains Act where he might get the chance to make society pay for ruining his life. He was able to join, provided he survived an untested reverse-aging augmentation process. He was injected with a chemically-advanced augmentation serum made by a Klenamarkian scientist named Dr. Mjorton. As a result, Galton was not only rejuvenated, but he became a supersoldier with boosted strength, speed, agility, intelligence, senses, and stamina. Feeling young and strong again, Galton became a great commanding officer who lead several Starbots to take over Nimboo, and had lead several invasions to wipe out rebellions, winning 5 of them, and losing 2 of them, one of them being out of dumb luck, and the other due to a hero on Planet Chimerum. There, he was one of the many people who tried to search for the rebellion base, and ordered mass arrests of rebellion allies who might know the location of the base. That was until he was defeated by Clifton, and sent to Planet Oranos where the Villains Act was unable to rescue him. But when he escaped years later with the help of Clifton's other enemies, they all attempted to work together to find the rebellion base in 2010 while almost exacting their revenge on Clifton. Unfortunately, they were defeated, and while some escaped, others were sent to Oranos, including Dartagnan.


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