Dodombia Isron Qa'Goole
Vital statistics
Title Commander of the Fugbopath Military
Gender Female
Race/Species Fugbopath
Faction Fugbopath Military
Description Rough, Mean, Anger Issues, Comically Awkward
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Military Training
Status Alive
Location Fugbopath Dimension (Birthplace)
Alignment Antheroine

Commander Dodombia I. Qa'Goole is an Alternate UUniversal Fugbopath from Planet Fugbosa. She was, and is, a military command for the military, and served well during the war, and is among the best in the force. She does well in fighting, and even later falls in love with Nagin the Massive, which she later on had a crush on his father. However, she has been constantly been confused for a male because of the race's lack of much sexual-dimorphism, as with all the other females of the race, not helping that she has a manly voice.


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