Abraham Umphry DuClare
Vital statistics
Title Commander-in-Chief DuClare, CIC DuClare, Commander DuClare, Declare
Gender Male
Race/Species AUU Original Human
Faction Tranquility Zone Space Command, New Human Protection Agency (Future)
Description Tough, Good Military Instinct, Repressed Secret Feelings, Married To Quygan, Father To Quygan-Human Hybrid Child Currently Under His Training, Stubborn At Times, Aggressive, Strategic Leader
Skills and Abilities Natural Human Abilities, Military Training, Top-Sold HPA Standard-Issue Military Equipment
Status Alive
Location The Tranquility Zone
  • New Apex City, Arlar (Gamma Sector, Bolen System) (Hometown)

Alternate UUniverses

  • Mirth City, Mirth Prime (Epsilon Universe, Epsilon Core Sector, Mirth System) (Future NHPA Residence)
Alignment Military Good

Commander-in-Chief Abraham U. DuClare is an Alternate UUniversal Original Human from the The Tranquility Zone. Born on the same day the humans made their interdimensional home, Abraham was raised by his single military father who lost his wife in the battle against the Villains Act, and thus had to raise his son to defend himself so he wouldn't suffer similar dangers. Thus, enrolling in the TZSC at the age of 17, at a time when the Villains Act was already defeated, he helped fight against enemies, yet got a lot of insight in human and Quygan society, even having a girlfriend in the form of a Quygan, standing by his side even when Lord Inachitin-Boe turned the Quygans against the humans during the Dark Ages. She stood beside him and even briefly ran away from home to be with him. But once the humans learned of the Villains Act's departure and the betrayal of Grand Duke Kafar-Ja thanks to the visiting Shell Lodge Squad and Heroes Act, he takes it upon himself to join a new movement to go into the decision of whether or not the humans should return home. Eventually, they succeed, and DuClare, on the same day of his father's death, would found the New Human Protection Agency on Mirth Prime, becoming it's commander-in-chief, and hiring humans like Immanuel Zeno Opponhelmer, Kelmer McEneny, Gretchen McVey, Galatea Boulware, Eumann Moxon, and Hume Aamland, fulfilling the original purpose of the original HPA, to protect themselves and their non-human peers through Marbon's top military country, Spaetha.


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