Costard-Tym Corben Gygax
Vital statistics
Title Commander Gygax, Gygax the Lax
Gender Male
Race/Species Spectacled Cornoge (Cornogous spectus)
Faction Villains Act
Description Insane Psychotic Bully, Cybernetic Middle and Legs, Cybernetic Lower Arms, Cybernetic Organs, Cybernetic Left Eye, Cybernetic Decoration, Murderous, Sadistic, Comically Egotistical and Mean, Crossing Attitude, Kills Anyone Who Brings Up His Cyborg-Reducing Past
Skills and Abilities Cybernetics Grant Increased Leg Strength and Jumping, Cybernetic Arms Grant Increased Strength and Repulsor Blasts, Cybernetic Eye Grants Enhanced Vision And Focusing Eye Beam, Cybernetic Implants Grant Random Abilities, Natural Canine Abilities Include Sense of Smell and Hearing
Status Locked up on Oranos
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vinzotyx (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Homeworld and VA Residence)
Alignment Evil
Commander Costard-Tym C. Gygax is an Alternate UUniversal Cornoge from Planet Vinzotyx. He is a striped canine that was a renowned bully for Councilman Calixto in his young days in school, elementary to high. However due to his trouble-making and reckless acts of aggression, he was sent to juvenile for a number of three times, and after causing a terrible accident in high school, he was sent to military school, away from the relieved Calixto. When in military school, he suffered several rigorous accidents that ultimately rendered him into a cyborg, where, after several years of constant pushing, he ran away and joined the Villains Act. Brought back to Vinzotyx as a syndicate leader, Gygax was in charge of ensuring that the Heroes Act would never escalate to dangerous levels, even destroying the Hero Hive every time it was close to being built, especially when his favorite childhood victim was involved. However, by the time the Villains Act died, he became an independent villain who, after the additions of Vancer Lancer and Cloakblade and the inevitable building of the Hero Hive, he was finally busted and sent to Oranos. He still resides here to this very day, being rendered an insane jerk.


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Gygax is a striped canine-like animal with cybernetic yellow lower body and legs, lower arms, four cyber structures appearing from behind his back, and a cybernetic red eye, as well as armored plating on his body.

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