Adam Unger Hierarch
Commander Hierarch
Vital statistics
Title Commander Hierarch, Commander Hierarch II
Gender Male
Race/Species American bison (Bison bison)
Faction Crystal Agency
Description Fictional Superanimal, Sensitive About His Past, Rough Stereotype of Boot Sergeant At Times, Tough, Aggressive
Skills and Abilities Natural Bison Abilities, Super-Strength, Super-Endurance, Iron-Composed Skull and Horns, Telepathy, Omnilinguism, Battle Rifle, Multiple Explosive Weapon Types, Inspection Lens
Status Fictional, Alive
Location XD Comix Universe
  • Prometheon, Kratos (Hometown)
Alignment Good

Commander Adam U. Hierarch is a fictional Superior bison who was published in Kratos' XD Comix. He is the leader of the top-secret Crystal Agency which was a classified agency to the public by Grotch Prometheus, and Hierarch was the 2nd leader of the agency behind his mother. He names Agent Mathis the top agent of the Agency for his accomplishments, and is known to be the most skilled of the agents. He commands his agency like a boot camp sergeant, having a dirty mouth, but isn't just as stressful. He is a wise leader who has a tragic past that involves the death of his parents and young brother, which he actually uses as fuel when fighting. He doesn't appreciate people who bring up his past, and does find the murderer of his parents, Master Jiro, a Superior Japanese Macaque who is revealed to be Grotch Prometheus' great-grandfather who was busted by his parents for illegal weapons manufacturing and quantonium smuggling (Which actually is real, except he was busted by Grotch himself). It's not long until Jiro returns for a showdown, holds most of the Crystal Agency hostage, and manages to win with his amped powers and neutronium armor. But luckily, he is defeated with some help from Femme Fatale and Grotch, which accidentally wind up killing Jiro. Since then, Hierarch has been much better at doing his job now that his worse enemy is done for. His powers include super-strength, super-endurance, an iron skull, telepathy and omnilingualism.

  • MCode: AhOllSeSsTpy


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Hierarch is a wise and skilled leader whose natural size can be used to his advantage. He can charge fast enough to ram into his opponents, especially with his iron-coated skull and horns. He is known to wield several explosive weapons, a medium-sized laser-guided battle rifle which rapidly fires aluminum acid-covered bullets, and even fires frag grenades, flash bang grenades, liquid nitrogen grenades, and propane-filled flame grenades. He also wears a G5 Red Inspection Lens on his weakest eye, a common gadget for scientists or inspectors on Kratos, which allows him to not only see better, but to analyze crime scenes through magnifying vision, UV vision, or infared vision.

His Superior superpowers include not just a skull coated in iron metal which allows him to resist hard impacts during charges, but he also has the ability to lift 10 tons of weight, and resist several forms of damage and keep fighting for 5 hours without exhaustion. He can even understand various forms of communication through his omnilinguism, and he is even capable of reading minds or controlling people's minds with his telepathy.

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