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Mero Trose Misikar
Vital statistics
Title Commander Misikar, Alpha-1 UUF Commander
Gender Male
Race/Species Mirtian
Faction The United Usurpation Force
Description Bold, Disillusioned, Passionate
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Standard-Issue UUF Equipment, Great Resilience, One-Man Army
Status KIA
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Cinder City, Ashken (Alpha Universe, Alpha Core Sector, Sheris System) (Homeworld and Deathplace)
Alignment Antihero

Commander Mero T. Misikar was an Alternate UUniversal Mirtian from Planet Ashken. He was once the leader for The United Usurpation Force in the Alpha Core Sector of the Alpha Universe against the 'oppression' of the Union of Independent Systems, serving a group of rebels who were impacted greatly by the UIS' ways. Mero himself lost his family to Graggs in a mission gone wrong, and Mero, impacted at such a young age, wanted to fight in the UUF to get back at them, and had managed to stop many plots of several bad individuals, being hailed as a hero for years until the day his actions caught UIS attention. Graggs that he killed personally had families who declared war on Ashken and Mero was too stubborn and vengeful to listen to reason, attracting UIS attention. UIS representatives in the neighboring Freo System annexed the planet during the invasion, driving the Gragg out. The entire UUF operation Mero founded was shut down and surviving UUF members were arrested and transported to Corionus System. As for Mero, he spent the last of his moments fighting and killing hordes of Graggs until he died in a 'noble sacrifice' that ended up being for nothing due to the Freo System's annex. He was remembered as a stubborn but bold war hero who still took out bad members of the Gragg race, and yet people have mostly forgotten he even existed, helped little his history was also censored by the Graggs to avoid people being given the impression that they can be fought back, which in term added to making the UUF look like they're nothing but idiots with no serious accomplishments (Which doesn't help that this much is true anyway).


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