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Maxtillon Jabe Novonty
Vital statistics
Title Commander Novonty, Alpha-5 UUF Commander
Gender Male
Race/Species Sajgon
Faction The United Usurpation Force
Description Paranoid, Trigger-Happy On Bad Days, Brutal, Ruthless
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, High-Skill Sajgon Combat And State-Of-The-Art Equipment
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Novon Major (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Novon System) (Homeworld and Deathplace)
Alignment Antihero

Maxtillon J. Novonty was an Alternate UUniversal Sajgon from Planet Novon Major. He is a Sangheili-like reptilian being who hails from a mountainous planet and served as the Alpha-5 Commander of The United Usurpation Force. Long-serving the UUF before the humans evacuated upon the arise of the Villains Act, he was worried upon the arrival of the Neohumans, a group of humans who stayed behind thanks to Lord Mandarious' ex-girlfriend Madame President Whitefield not falling for the lies of Grand Duke Kafar-Ja. Believing this new breed of human, who had already brokered a treaty among his race and their own allies, the Axillodeons, the Jiralhanae-like Dosbons, the Kig-Yar-like Gemtens, the Unggoy-like Bholons, the Yanme'e-like Termitians, and the Mgalekgolo-like Tidiens, who all served under an ironic alliance for the Union of Independent Systems as their agents through the UIS-loyal Axillodeons. With the concern that the Neohumans would bring since they are new arrivals, a war would begin which would test the Neohumans' new place in isolated territory. Maxtillon was one of the greatest warriors until the Sajgons defected and decided for a diplomatic solution, something of which Maxtillon did not like under the fear that the Neohumans, like their human ancestors, would turn the alliance into another USRA, even if such was long proven unlikely. Angry, he joined the UUF as the Alpha-5 Commander, regardless of the very stupid irony that his actions are for a force who wants USRA influence, which may be judged as Maxtrilon's anger getting the better of his common sense, in the hopes of assassinating Whitefield. But he was discovered thanks to Neohuman agents and imprisoned, the UUF refusing to help him when it was clear at that point he was using them to serve his own non-UUF agenda. After his death in a UIS penal colony, his two sons Maxef Novonty and Maxton Novonty would grow up to avenge him by attempting an assassination on Whitefield. Maxef would take his father's place as the Alpha-5 Commander, but after another nowhere attempt, he was held captive by UIS forces. In captivity, he would soon discover how wrong he and his family was about the Neohumans since their human ancestors had learned from the mistakes of the USRA, especially since Whitefield was wise enough to not join the rest of the humans wherever they went, and thus had hope in them. He then returned to the Alpha-5 Base as a double agent. With no hesitance, he decided that his father's provenly idioticly anger-based cause was not worth it and set the Alpha-5 Base to self-destruct. He would be confronted by Maxton and the two would fight for the fate of their lost cause. Though Maxton won and killed Maxef, he would be branded a traitor for executing his own brother regardless of his change of loyalties, and he would in turn be killed as well. The Alpha-5 Division of the UUF dissolved without a leader and was annexed by the UIS afterward. Many survivors were arrested or killed for resisting, leaving Novon to be adopted by the Neohumans as their own, the base ruins of UUF converted and rebuilt into their own bases that now cooperates with Solectra on patrolling the system. The execution of these two brothers were seen as one of UIS' darkest executions of a UUF base, but it had to be done as the Novonty family were powerful individuals that could've been the push UUF needed and lead to more troublesome Isolated System Rebellions, especially in the midst of a concern of the redeemed Neohumans. The mission, called "Operation: Novonty Downfall", was the only time UIS was seen as so extreme on a UUF base, or any instance of an influential UUF member, that even Grandmind himself personally frowned upon it and had demanded that other similar operations were never to be repeated and that UIS is to restrict capture only on these such individuals, or maybe assassinate them if they ever get to the level of influence as Novonty. Regardless, the Novonty family were given a posthumous award of being the closest head commanders to succeed, of which luckly to UIS, is a feat that has since never been emulated again with other commanders, actual competence aside.


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