Teal Asjazh Stoke
Commander Teal
Vital statistics
Title Commander Teal, Commander Stoke
Gender Male
Race/Species Indian giant squirrel (Ratufa indica)
Faction Navy Animal Division (Formerly), Recoveror of Rare Creatures
Description Polite, Indian Hospitality, Strategic, Very Perssaysive, Patient, Determined, Pacifistic
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Herve the Australian Hornet Assistant, Ehren and Berg the Turbellarian Worms, S.S. Stoker Battleship
Status Still at Large
Location SpongeBob's World

(Current location unknown...)

Alignment Debatable Morality, Though Evil By Proxy

Commander Teal A. Stoke is an Indian giant squirrel from SpongeBob's world whose family has been long in the Navy's Animal Division in the Indian Ocean, but after becoming a renegade with his own ship called the S.S. Stoker, he became a recoveror of rare creatures to display in his planned "Promise Island" in an ill-placed attempt to help endangered creatures in a way not relient on "unreliable goverments and nature groups", who took an interest in rare animals on his homeworld, particularly the ocean environment he was exposed to most of his life, named after his teal-colored eyes. However, sometimes, these species remain rare for a very good reason as the dangers they face are far too great for even them, and he fails to realize that placing them on his island makes them an easy target, though he counters claims by stating that the island is VASTLY unknown to human activty and not even reckindised in human charts and has many agents working to make sure it stays that way. He caught animals old and rare, aided by his Australian Potter Wasp friend Herve and his two loyal pet turbellarian worms named Ehren and Berg. Because of his vow of being a pacifist in irony of a millaterry career, he has to relie purely on more violent allies like Herve and the worms, otherwise this guy should've been long beaten by now, as there is actually a traitor in their ranks in the form of none other than Herve.


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