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Wynbo Gonus Uintold
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Vital statistics
Title Commander Uintold, Alpha-2 UUF Commander
Gender Male
Race/Species Rokour (Rokour dracthis)
Faction The United Usurpation Force
Description Selfish At Times, Cares Only For His World's Old Ways And Sanctuary, Vengeful, Holds Serious Grudges
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Standard-Issue UUF Equipment, Hardcore Willpower
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Embaxxus (Alpha Universe, Apirion Sector, Embiklon System) (Homeworld and Deathplace)
Alignment Antihero

Wynbo G. Uintold was an Alternate UUniversal Rokour from Planet Embaxxus. He is a gliding feathered normally-subterranean lizard species originally indigenous to Scyria and introduced throughout isolated space, and he lived on a desert planet that has thrived from the remnant Ehswan technology that scattered the surface. He in turn wished to be a famous hero after he found derelict armor that gives the wearer amazing powers. He became a hero for The United Usurpation Force when the Union of Independent Systems came and acted under the concern that this Ehswan technology was a violation of AUU laws and that they should instead rely upon themselves. Thus this armor was confiscated and his people were made to suffer for it. In response, Wynbo and so many people joined the UUF to smuggle back so much of the confiscated technology, albeit usually with mixed results and that they're often lucky to even get useless scrap or spare parts, give or take a damaged verson of their grand prize after a REALLY bad fight. Inspite of limited successes, he was hailed as a hero to Embaxxus and even created an underground sanctuary which remains the last of Ehswan-based civilization. But this ended when an irresponsible UUF representative, in an Embaxxus summit between Wabsh and Conci Minor resulted in Uintold being insulted for relying on stolen Ehswan technology, and in response they insulted how the Fizzurans of Conci Minor were more UIS-friendly and therefore being against Uintold, while the Wables of Wabsh only want to earn UIS favor by being part of the problem of Embaxxus, calling them both menaces to Embaxxus. Provoked, the two worlds declared war on Embaxxus. The UIS' decree against Ehswan technology was enforced more and thus stealing it from UIS confiscation became all but impossible, resulting in the downfall of Uintold's sanctuary. The UIS annexed Embaxxus entirely and the survivors were all arrested. Distraught, Uintold swore to terminate the UIS' control over Embaxxus starting with the Wabsh and Conci Minor representatives until he was assassinated by a Klond hired gun. He would thus be remembered to those in the UIS as a cautionary tale about what happens when you rely too much upon highly-advanced alien technology, and yet Uintold would still be heralded as a hero who fought for the old ways of Embaxxus, though those that who think that way are viewed to be those that became misguided by "The Now Empty Promises of a Proven Wrong Idealist" while the rest of Embaxxus began to take on more "Realist Idealogy" and simply came to believe that it was misguided to ever take Uintold seriously, and in term spares them from just becoming "More UUF Idiots".


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