Sark Baos Yarge
Commander Yarge
Vital statistics
Title Commander Yarge, Former Leader of the Yurun Separatists
Gender Male
Race/Species Yurun
Faction Yurun Separatists (Formerly), Villains Act (Formerly)
Description Scarred, Cybernetic Left Eye, Claw Deformity, Rude, Power-Hungry, Traitorous
Skills and Abilities Natural Alien Being Abilities, Rat-Like Abilities, Personal Blaster
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vaporeas, Ukorcos (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Gaios System) (Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Commander Sark B. Yarge is an Alternate UUniversal Yurun from Planet Ukorcos. rouge Yuran that was formerly part of an anti-goverment movement lead by him personally who hated the USRA, just for the sake of hating it. He wanted to make Yurans the controlers of all universes, and was strongly against "equility" and "co-existence", implying he's racist. He formerly lead a faction known as "The Yuran Seperests", who try to overthrow goverments of even fellow yurans to ensure their ideal of segrodation and imperialisum by Yurans. Luckly, thanks to the HPA, Yarge was never able to become a serious enough threat. He always escape everytime a rebelion was quelled, like a rat retreating to the sewers. Eventally, he ran out of Yuran Sepertests to aide him, and he was nothing but a lone fanactic, and the Yuran Sepertests ended up being forgotten. Eventally, when the Villains Act rose up and destroyed the HPA, Yarge was both surprised, and interested. Giving that his name fell into obscurity given the fall of the seperests, Yarge joined with little issue. He given up on his racisum, only had saw it as a fruitless pipedream. For awhile, Yarge, ironicly, found himself fighting against Rebelions in Nimboo, and alchourse, this erases him from the shadows of obscurity, and was considered a great surprise for the Factions fighting against the VA. As much as Yarge enjoyed the irony of his new found life, he couldn't enjoy just being a second banana to a smug "Zewinsaur" named Darkness Qui for the life of him. Espeically when he felt that Qui didn't even act like normal Zewinsaurs, and he certainly never heard of Qui's "Backstory" in the news, (though it's argued he never checks up on the news PERIOD), believing there's something more to Qui then he thought. One day, he spied on a "secret founder" meeting hosted by the anomimised Jling Sling and Lord Xandronian, who were talking about Qui, how much of a great leader she is, and how it was worth it sending Xerxes XX and his troops to kidnap her. This made Yarge the first (And as of the time, only) non-founder VA member to have discovered the truth about Qui. He knew he couldn't risk telling Qui this, cause he knows Qui was malmitulated to believe otherwise thanks to plastic surgery and mind malmitulation, and no other villain will believe him out of fear of Qui and loyalty to the secret founders, which would only end with him being exposed. His next best thing: Revolt. He'll proof it to them by causing a nasty revolt that brings down Qui, putting her in a position that would enable him not only take control of the VA as new leader, but to expose Qui to the truth, purely to spite her on not being a real Zewinsaur. He had such an oppertunity when he was choosen to offer alternate minions. Big Mistake. He had a hand in creating three, then took over two, and destroyed the 3rd before it was ever released. However, Qui was always suspitious of Yarge cause of his odd behavior as of recent, and his forces were overwealm by the Starbots. Yarge begged for his life, and tried to tell the truth about the founders, but Qui killed him by grabbing him and squeesing the life out of him in a messy fasion, ending Yarge for good.


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