Anthon Hammond Shadowbane
Commissioner Shadowbane
Vital statistics
Title Commissioner Shadowbane
Gender Male
Race/Species Honey badger (Mellivora capensis)
Faction New Thebes Police Force (Formerly)
Description Bitter, Protecting His Superior Kind From Supposed Extinction, Cruel, Clever, Tricky
Skills and Abilities Natural Honey Badger Abilities, Darkness Manipulation, Sublimation, Mind-Control, Teleportation, Invisibility
Status Imprisoned in Superior Jail
Location Kratos
  • New Thebes (Hometown)
Alignment Evil

Commissioner Anthon H. Shadowbane is a Superior honeybadger from Kratos. He is a darkness-manipulating Superior who is one of the last Superiors capable of the nearly-extinct darkness-manipulating technique called 'Shadow Corruption', which is capable of manipulating fear and corrupting the innocent. Because Grotch Prometheus felt the power was potentially dangerous and a threat to Superior kind and beyond, he needed to capture any Shadow Superior he could find to do whatever he decided with them, whether he should be forced to mark them for execution, simply having the power removed if the superior is salvageable enough, or he should imprison them in carbonite and bury them in the Tartarus Valley. The Shadowbanes were among the many Shadow Superiors left walking the planet, confused and angry at Grotch's decision, never to understand it was for their own good as well as to secure the UUniverses' safety. Anthon Shadowbane is especially angry at Grotch for this. Somehow, he managed to keep his forbidden powers a secret and thus, enabled him to become an accepted member of the community and even into the police force. He became the police commissioner of the police forces of New Thebes. He hated light-manipulating Superiors especially for helping Grotch in his 'Half-bloodless genocide' of the Shadow Superiors. He used his power to secretly corrupt the police to mistreat and arrest light Superiors to make them feel what is was like to suffer. His most heinous acts included James Photon and Aaron Solaris, where James ended up killed and Aaron had his reputation ruined. Someday, Shadowbane will not be able to get away with these despicable crimes forever, especially when Aaron becomes a member of the Super Ops thanks to Master Algorithm and James being resurrected as 'Photon-a-Nation' by a vengeful Chinese dragon. His powers include darkness manipulation, sublimation, mind-control, teleportation, and invisibility.

  • MCode: DamIvbMcSulTpo


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  • "Why can't they just understand us?"
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