Gameson Uthome Arnstone
Vital statistics
Title Commodore Arnstone, Commander Arnstone
Gender Male
Race/Species AUU Original Human
Faction Human Protection Agency (Formerly)
Description Bold, Relentless, Often Very Gullible, Bitter and Determined
Skills and Abilities Military Skill and Combat Experience, Versatile Weapon Capability, Versatility in Combat, Adaptive in Combat
Status Deceased
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Eminence City, Marbon (Alpha Universe, Orphyne Sector, Feriyon System) (Hometown)
  • Fey Vista, Mirth Prime (Epsilon Universe, Epsilon Core Sector, Mirth System) (Former Family Residence)

The Tranquility Zone

  • Soder City, Aldrum (Gamma Sector, Intrun System) (TZ Homeworld)
  • Toranade (Gamma Sector, Intrun System) (Place of Death and Military Residence)
Alignment Morally Betrayed

Commodore Gameson U. Arnstone is an Alternate UUniversal Original Human from Planet Marbon. In the AUU, he was a valued commander for the Human Protection Agency (HPA), and comes from a long line of military war heroes who valued honor and dignity above all else, even having his family live on the HPA capital of Mirth Prime. However, when the humans were forced to retreat to the Tranquility Zone following the fall of the HPA, Arnstone took his son Genloid Arnstone and he became a commanding officer for the Tranquility Zone Space Command who was in charge of patrolling and scouting the 56 habitable planets. Though when the humans had met the Quygans, he started forming a prejudice since he reminded them of the Acrillisapes, a race which he believed was feeling superior to humans over their similar technology, and since the Quygans were similar to humans as well, he started believing they were intending to take over their government. Then when the warning of Ubelune was given, Arnstone still refused to believe them, and disobeyed his superiors' wishes and went there, establishing several colonies since he was coninced it was like a Snowball World and couldn't possibly be a banishment world, eventually meeting an old Lord Inachitin-Boe, who manipulated him into giving him full access to the Zurkulite Project. Only when he was finished, Inac murdered Arnstone, destroyed the Quygan Command Tower, almost murdered their president, and lead to the Quygans exiling the 'traitorous' humans. The humans immediately placed the blame on Arnstone's superiors and discharged them from the TZSC, and sentenced them to life imprisonment. Later on, when the Zurkulite Wars ended, the Arnstone name was shamed, and the orphaned Genloid got sent to prison. Though they would remain unaware that Genloid was possessed by the ghost of Inac, and became The Dark Human, out for revenge against the Quygans and humans for what they did to him. Arnstone remained in prison until he died in a terrible riot that nearly took over the prison.


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