Ophelia Sarah Bailiwick
Commodore Bailiwick
Vital statistics
Title Commodore Bailiwick, Killer of Crime
Gender Female
Race/Species Killer whale (Orcinus orca)
Faction Lagoolan Royal Guard
Description Superanimal, Rough, Caring Mother, Tough and Daring Commander, Natural Aggression
Skills and Abilities Natural Orca Abilities, Durable Bronze Armor, Electric Spear, Super-Strength, Super-Endurance, Healing Factor, Heat-Vision, Psychic Shield, Teleportation, Water Breathing
Status Alive
Location Lagoola
  • Aquaprome City, Hydroprometheon Reef (Homeland and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Commodore Ophelia S. Bailiwick is a Superior killer whale who was born on Lagoola. She is the captain of Baron Tritiumlung's royal guards. With the guards consisting of false killer whales, elephant seals, and other orcas, Bailiwick is the one who commands them all. While she is very strict and has a reputation of being rash, she is a good commander, and even has a son named Kenny Bailiwick, who was almost killed by Seth Daggertooth while trying to warn everyone about his plans if it wasn't for Bailiwick defending him by wounding him and puncturing his right eye. Ever since then, after hearing that Seth wanted vengeance, Bailiwick thought for sure that her son would be killed. She then decides to take him wherever she goes, and since he is now an adolescent, he is training to become a guard for the Baron. Outside of being loyal to the baron in respect, she isn't strongely supprtive of his "Philosify" on how to slove the problems of the universes, espeically his quickness to trust a questionable Doctor who's obviously not screwed right in the head, but due to status quo, she has little power to even actselly nitpick this to the Baron, espeically since Seth, the last guy who questioned him, got banished for it. Her powers include super-strength, super-endurance, a healing factor, heat-vision, a psychic shield, teleportation, and waterbreathing.

  • MCode: HfHvPshSeSsTpoWb


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