Mana Lord Komodore

Komodore as Mana Lord.

Commodore Komodore, AKA Mana Lord Komodore, is the former leader of the Vyran Race and a co-founder leader of UIS alongside Grandmind and that of the Bulla king Snoortos and Scalemyer of the Skep race. Being elected as new Commodore after the Vyrans having lost the war with the Yaterons in thanks to it being usurped by his presucessor, Commodore Warrnus Carnomarius, succombing to war madness, Komodore is a compairingly more honorable replacement, but he is ruled by regret that the Vyran race had lost a war they had meant to call for a stalemate in thanks to a madman usurping the reigns. He vowed to make sure the Vyrans get an eventual rematch with the Yaterons in not wanting to count the initional war as definitive proof, arguing that War Madness had tampered with the true result, along with outsider interfearence, being dedicated to wanting to see the Yateron's aritical assendsion to Teadr 1 corrected in the Vyrans having long acknowledged the Ehswan truth about them. Thus, when he came to meet Grandmind, he was more then honored to be welcomed a place in the table of founding UIS in the prosect it would aide the Vyrans' mission to correct the quicken assendion of the Yaterons, along with preventing like-wise cases. At first, he and Grindmind, like the others, got along famously, but then came the 127 AB event of when UIS approved Faste's Isolated Systems and the world of Manatera, where Komodore's Fate would change forever. The Four Founders came to the mysterious planet and had desired it's magic to help them with their goals, but in having since the likes of Komodore's bitterness of losing a war and having sense that he would use magic to get a rematch with the Yaterons, the presence of the planet refused to heed to their call cause of it. In cause of the Grandmind being too passive about the affair in having prefered to heed the planet's words, the other three founders weren't so itching to give up, espeically not Scalemyer has he talked Komodore and Snoortos into what he planned to do next: The Creation of Ariticial Magic. But when the process horrendusly backfired, Grandmind found out and exiled Komodore and the other two from UIS, where the three retreated back to the planet, embraced the aritical magic into their bodies and became immortalised "Gods" of sorts in hoping to redeem their names to UIS in aiming to proof artifical magic's potaintional. Komodore is like a bitter war vet with a persona reminitsent of God of War 4 Kratos.


Commodore Komodore

Pre-Mana Lord Komodore.

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