Commodore Nemo Clark Clowes
Commodore Nemo
Vital statistics
Title Commodore Nemo
Gender Male
Race/Species Clark's anemonefish (Amphiprion clarkii)
Faction Independent Border Guard
Description Elderly Yet Still Assertive and Strong, Experience in Military Obscured, Good Leader
Skills and Abilities Natural Resistance to Anemone Stingers, Still Experienced In Half His Military Training, Intelligent, Strategic
Status Alive
Location SpongeBob's World
  • Great Barrier Reef (Hometown)
  • Point Nemo Borderlands (Current Location)
Alignment Good

Commodore Nemo C. Clowes is a Clark's anemonefish from SpongeBob's world. Hailing from the Great Barrier Reef, he grew up in their defense force, and served for 48 years until finally getting lost in Point Nemo (The real-life oceanic point of inaccessibility) where he uncovered it's secrets regarding the true origin story of the Main Drain, a drain that, when unplugged, will drain the entire sea, as it was created by Drainthus by order of The Grand Designer as a way to test the world's resilience and diligence, but since he knew his entire existence depended on the fate of this drain, Drainthus went rebel and tried to cheat his way around it by manipulating reality, notably in the episode The Main Drain, when he turned it into a way for idiots to plug it, but then Bubbles the Dolphin, the time lord dolphin from Sponge Out Of Water, reversed it back and turned those events into a bedtime story. Nemo was the first to encounter this before those events, and was the first to see Drainthus in years besides the cephalopod servants that reside in the ruins of his home. Desperate for a right to life, especially since his cheats cut his strikes, Drainthus intends to ensure the people fail to protect their world so he can be preserved, even if others must suffer. Nemo, ever since he helped hold back his plans briefly, has sworn to ensure the borders of his territory are protected, getting an entire barrage of forces to make it possible, though making a bad choice in the form of his second-in-command, a triggerfish named Guardian General Swimmings, who is a rule absolutist who will be used against him and his newly-acquired allies by Drainthus to ensure Drainthus has the life he wishes for. Despite currently being past his prime at an elderly age, he is still capable of protecting the border with his life.


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Commodore Nemo (Young Age)

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