Rourse Villi Hellong
Vital statistics
Title Commodore Rourse, AUU Lieutenant Rourke (OUU Terms)
Gender Male
Race/Species Gogan
Faction Independent Mercenary, The Villain Legion
Description Greedy, Cunning, Strong, Persistent, Egotistical, Boasting
Skills and Abilities Natural Being Abilities, Physical Superiority, Experience In Combat And Weapons, Tactical Brilliance, Natural Amphibious Nature, Night-Vision, Enhanced Senses
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Ordeal Reef, Ooerth (Beta Universe, Bacabin Sector, Iwiha System) (Hometown)
Alignment Greedy Evil

Commodore Rourse V. Hellong is an Alternate UUniversal Gogan from Planet Ooerth. He is a deep-sea fish-like amphibious being who is a vicious mercenary who joined the ranks of The Villain Legion upon them offering a bounty he couldn't refuse. He was hired originally to help the Clam Lounge Squadron rescue the rest of the lost empire of Atlathinus on Kikalli Mimn, but when the Villain Legion came, they offered double the bounty to get the Atlathinusian Spear, to which he accepted, leading them to the city, and resulting in the near-murder of the last of the royals of the Atlanthinusians, particularly the last of the Teadr 1 Watans turned into cyborg machines after surviving the cause of their extinction: the Calalria illness, and further shamed and incriminated their former member Drynder to where she offers herself to them to get the Spear. Thus, after the Loungers defeated him and rescue her and the Spear, he was brought into the Villain Legion ranks as a new member. He is essentially the AUU version of Lieutenant Rourke, except he has the voice of Stephen Lang. (TBC...)


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