Saigon Raga Anddalf
Commodore Saigon
Vital statistics
Title Commodore Saigon, Chief Saigon
Gender Male
Race/Species Sprooge (Necrosimulacem avilaqer)
Faction Leader of the Dinosaur Training Force
Description Cybernetic Left Eye, Middle-Aged, Often Rough, Determined
Skills and Abilities Natural Ability To Play Dead, Natural Raptor Abilities, Agility, Ability to Command All Dinosaurs In DTF, Electric Spear, Cybernetic Eye Grants Enhanced Sight
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Vaikras Village, Tiyxubos (Gamma Universe, Tobani Sector, Quinxiote System) (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Rogue Good

Commodore Saigon R. Anddalf is an Alternate UUniversal Sprooge from Planet Tiyxubos. He is the former leader of the Vaikras Tribe and the leader of the Dinosaur Training Force. He has a son named Harble who had been able to discover rogue technology from the corrupted Vaikras Tribe that it's new leader, the evil Krolken the Sharp, was going to use to take over the planet. But thanks to Harble, it was stopped and the Dinosaur Training Force has been dedicated to stop Krolken's many villainous schemes. Saigon was once a dinosaur hunter who lost his left eye to a dinosaur that he had ripped the head off of. He doesn't ride a dinosaur, but he can command all the dinosaurs at will.


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