Companion 5627182987
Vital statistics
Title Companion, Tacti-Companion
Gender Genderless (Male Tone)
Race/Species Proto-Tactical Skelebot
Faction Count Mooku and the Villains Act
Description Butler-Like Personality and Accent, Non-Combat Drone
Skills and Abilities Little To None, Intelligence, Strategist
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Starbot Factory AS-177, Nimboo (Theta Universe, Faste Sector, Azton System) (Birthplace)
Alignment Evil

Companion 5627182987, or just Companion, is an Alternate UUniversal proto-Starbot from Planet Nimboo. He is a personalized early model of the Tactical Skelebot refashioned to look like a butler by Count Mooku to serve as his most valued companion and advisor. The Tactical Skelebots weren't built for combat, so he mainly lets Drone 432 and A3-Six0-P to handle any 'disagreements' from any of Mooku's enemies. Being a machine, he retains loyalty even when Mooku is doubted greatly about the Lonies, and serves as an automatic caretaker for Mooku on his lonely self exsile to find Alternatia at any cost. More then just a butler bot, Companion is also a brillient stragigest, and a cold, calulating trap master, and though not capable of killing or combat, will not hesitate to use other "sofisicated" methods to bring an end to his foes. Hardly a machine with any known flaws. He was even given a different head design so Mooku can have him avoid the usual weakness of being a screen face that shuts down apawn it being cracked so that wouldn't be an issue.


Coming soon...


  • "If only it t'were that easy, sir."
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