The Lodgers discover that some of Hank Jr.'s old Cross-Hybrid Mutants from The Mutant Conflict have never been destroyed. Instead, they were put up for adoption and live in a shelter in the beautiful Dragon Realms city of Sparkle Falls thanks to a kind-hearted rabbit named Gwen Evergreen, who had come from the Rabbit Catacombs in Canada and was the lucky winner of $1,000,000 in a lottery, and after hearing about the mutants' existence, she was able to purchase all the mutants with her lottery money. Gwen had been a curious rabbit ever since she learned to not be afraid of the world outside her home den, and after feeling sorry for Hank Jr's mad cross-hybrids when seeing how helpless and truly scared they were, she offered to take care of them with not just her money, but also with the approval for funding by the govening system since the success of The Mutant Rights Movement, despite the fact that there was a clause that non-sentient mutants needed to be given limitations due to their animalistic behavior. Regardless, she was able to accomplish this, and now she owns a mutant care center called the Evergreen Shelter, which use to be in Alberta until a law was passed to limit mutant activity and advised her to move to Sparkle Falls, the city which helped her out of her old childhood fears. The Lodgers are at first impressed, but are later skeptical about Gwen's decision since it could attract some serious attention from villains who want to use her mutants for evil. But upon learning that these mutants are no longer the abominations Hank Jr. made them to be, they decide to stay for a couple of days. But what they don't know is that Gwen's brother, Peyton, who works as a politician on the Mutant Rights Movement, is painfully over-protective of her sister, and wants Gwen's mutants gone, but not dead because of moral conflicts, as he fears that they'll become very dangerous or Gwen's teachings are accidentally forgotten by the creatures simple minds. Then Dr. Stoddart comes by and offers to help Peyton get what he wants. They plan to trick Gwen into giving up the mutants so Stoddart can capture them, and use them for evil. Can the Lodge figure this out, stop Peyton and Stoddart before it's too late?

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