Vital statistics
Title The Conquering King
Gender Male
Race/Species Kityr
Faction Independent Overlord
Description Strong-Willed, Faux And Comical Yet More Intimidating And Serious, Violent, Tainted With Lust For Power, Formidable, Deadly, Ruthless, Persistent and Relentless,
Skills and Abilities Natural Creature Abilities, Silver Tongue And Excellent Trickster, Powerful Combat Scepter, Tactical Intelligence, High Experience In Combat Magic, Acrobatic, Powerful And Adaptable Censen Army, Master Planner
Status Still at Large
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Conquered Wastes, Equaria (Epsilon Universe, Polgren Sector, Naiku System) (Homeland and Capital Of Kingdom)
Alignment Evil

Conquerius is an Alternate UUniversal Kityr from Planet Equaria. He is a bipedal creature who has the power of a conqueror, and is among the strongest such. He has conquered entire sectors of Equaria that have remained undiscovered by the native Lonies, having a powerful combat scepter called the Scepter of Conquoronous that was once used by an old conqueror of old, his father, who wielded unfathomable power, and as such since he and his family, The Conqueror Clan, died out during the Interuniversal War fighting the parents of Queen Caelestis and her three siblings, who died alongside them in a fight to the death, now uses it for his ultimate goal of taking over Equaria and any other magic world out there to avenge his family, getting revenge for what they did to his family, with his associates in the form of a corrupted Lony named Tempera Shift, and a sweet toothed bumbling Goloda named Gooby. He has an entire army of Censens, or energy-based mythical beings as his conquest army, and his cunning, intimidation, and skill make up for his comical and often faux side. He currently seeks to conquer the Lony territory by seeking out Starbright Shatter, who wishes to destroy the concept of their birth marks since she lost her friends in school because of a faulty school yard code regarding supremacy with the marks, hoping that this will make the Lonies too weak to fight so he can steal the Sun Gems of Peace, and achieve his conquest. He is the AUU version of The Storm King, and like him, he views any land that looks and behaves like Equaria, or any land in general depending on it's qualities, distasteful and unfit to be independent, as he seeks to gain complete control because he views himself as the only one to keep the entire world safe. Eventually, he teams up with his counterpart to get revenge on both their interdimensional enemies.


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