The Conquest Children are a fictional group of Superior children villains published in Kratos' XD Comix. It consists of 10 Superior children who were part of 20 children who were in an experiment meant to create a substance to allow children to efficiently control their developing superpowers. The experiment went awry, but while it did work, it also had other side effects. The 20 children were given adult/child intelligence, allowing them to talk, fight, and coordinate. The problem: half of the majority became evil. The evil children became the Conquest Children while the others became their arch-rivals, the Challenger Children. They actually became evil thanks to a drug put inside the serum by an evil Superior businessman named Dr. Insantino, a British charismatic bald uakari who's childhood abuse from his parents have left him to raise evil children to give him the love that he never had and spread evil, and with the Conquest Children, it worked perfectly. Some of the Conquest Children usually do villain work alone. In fact, the Conquest Children are the main villains that the Challenger Children have to face. However, Insanito's drug only lasts a week, so he gives the Conquest Children a 'medication' filled with the drug every week, or they all end up like the Challenger Children. When he eventually runs out, he goes out to steal the ingredients for the drug, even from the creator of the drug, Dr. Sanitaide. In fact, Dr. Sanitaide is the one who ran the experiment that created the Conquest Children. In one issue, Insantino discovers a substance that can make the drug permanent, and successfully steals it, but gets caught in the act by Dr. Sanitaide, who gets the Challenger Children to help find out what Insantino is up to and stop him. By doing this, they discover what Insantino does to the Conquest Children, and even though they almost lost, they manage to stop Insantino from giving the permanent drug to the Conquest Children, and when the temporary drug wears off, the 20 children beat up Insantino, and throw him in jail. Since then, The Conquest Children reformed and became the The Stand-Lone Kidz, an antihero group that'll eventually get their own comic series. They say that they couldn't join the Challenger Children because of what happened in the past, and conflicting ideas on leadership. In the next series of the original comics and the subsequent sequal come the following year, Insantino escapes prison, and becomes the sole main villain, and would routinely create an army of super-clones to challenge both children teams.


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  1. Nega Child- A Superior baby lion cub who is the leader of the Conquest Children, and brother of Turbo Child, leader of the Challenger Children. Before they were turned into heroes, they had a sibling rivalry with each other, and when he became a villain, he had a hate for his brother for being superior to him. His powers include super-strength, super-flight, invulnerability, heat-vision, X-ray vision, and telekinesis.
  2. Parental Mind- A Superior baby duck who is one of the most challenging adversaries the Challenger Children have ever faced. She has the mind of a caring parent, and her powers use this to control her adversaries like she's their biological mother. She is calm, collective, and intelligent. Her powers include mind-control, telepathy, and a psychic shield.
  3. Nightmare- A Superior baby bat who has been known to be a living nightmare for the Challenger Children. His powers are among the most fearful, and he usually haunts them during their sleep. He is a real jokester with a face that intimidates even Turbo Child. His powers include dream-manipulation, a psychic shield, and a sonic scream.
  4. Punishment- A Superior baby serval who not only has great strategic intelligence and child-like playfulness, but he is a very challenging rival to the Challenger Children. Aside from his wide array of weaponry provided by Brainstorm, he has a wide array of superpowers that are said to be 'the perfect punishment', earning him his name. His powers include super-strength, super-agility, super-endurance, power negation, telescopic vision, a healing factor, and X-ray vision.
  5. Brainstorm- A Superior baby chimpanzee who is a child genius, and is the brother of Pablo the Smart. Just like his brother, he has invented the Conquest Children's various machinery and highly-advanced lair. Aside from his various advancement of gadgets and weaponry, he has his own array od superpowers. These include super-strength, super-mentality, telepathy, and omilingualism.
  6. The Trickery Twins- 2 Superior baby red-tailed monkeys who both share a telepathic link to each other, and can only communicate with each other in their minds, and no one else. Their love for entertainment allows them to secretly visit an amusement park and create their own customary machines of terror. They are excellent hiders and eluders, and are smart and complete pranksters. They share the same superpowers: super-agility, telekinesis, a telepathic link, X-ray vision, psychic shields, and color-manipulation.
  7. Cheater Boy- A Superior baby macaw who is a master at gaming, and is considered to be a 'cheater' with his superpowers. He is a cryptic riddle-spewing bird who enjoys to adapt well to the Challenger Children's moves, and his powers ensure that there is possibly no way to stop him. His superpowers include reactive adaptation, and super-mentality.
  8. Beastly Bully- A Superior baby dingo that has one of the most brutal tempers of any of the Conquest Children. He is mostly an aggressive person who, if he stays angry for too long, he not only slowly matures, but he mutates into a giant beastly monster that is nearly-invincible. His basic superpowers include super-strength, super-agility, near-invulnerability, and wallcrawling. When he mutates, these powers increase.
  9. Cootie Girl- A Superior baby tuatara who is an incredibly power-infectious girl. With just a touch, she can amplify someone's superpowers at such a high rate, they are unable to control them. And what's worse is that when that amped Superior touches another, a major superpower of theirs is amplified at the same level. This power is fueled by food, however. If she is hungry, her infectious powers will not work. She is a very naïve child, but she is still smart, and is a master of tactics and knows where her targets will be with her powers. Her powers include infectious power bestowal, power augmentation, and night-vision.
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