When creatures just like the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major start to invade outer lands, including Equestria, the Lodgers and native heroes must go to the fabled polar land of Constellatia, which is the home of creatures like the Ursa Minor and Ursa Major, including Apus, Volans, Leo, Taurus, Lepus, Canis Major and Canis Minor, Lupus, Chamaeleon, Cancer, Scorpius, Cetus, Vulpecula, and so on. Alchourse as expected, the native creatrues don't make this easy! They are rescued by a young Ursa named Dips, about Spike's size, who brings them safely there and after meeting his siblings: Beid, Caph, Keid, Kraz, Nahn, Phact, Wazn, Dubhe, Fuyue, and Regor, they meet the dying leader of the Constellation Pony Tribes Equuleus, Pegasus, and Monoceros, dubbed starries, King Regulus, who claims that the land is being sapped of magic and it's guardian, the Hippos Athanatos, has disappeared without a trace, as well as his captain of the knighthood Sir Altair and his partners Squire Segin and Squire Torcular, and his mage Castor the Caster. Thus with the fauna of the land wreaking havoc on the world, the heroes must find the Sceptrum Scepter, the Starries' ultimate weapon, in the temple of it's creator, Constellate Sceptrum, guarded by comical starry witches named Bellatrix, Vindemiatrix, and Praecantrix, in order to reset magic in the land. But they find it gone and discover it's under the possession of Junjie and pals, Junjie being behind the creature rampage. However, Junjie admits that the consteilation creatures are nothing but cannon fodder compaired to what he's REALLY gunning for the leage to have, a star eating Space Sperm Whale known as Quan Tom, a play on Quantom and Moby Dick, and a forgotten equestrian legend and eater of stars. And the draining of magic is awaking the giant whale and getting it's attention onto Equestria. But Junjie done fucked up now as Quan Tom will devoure the entire Constellatia with everyone on it, even Junjie! Along with the risk of the world of Equestria as a planet will become unstablised as the sucking of Constellatia could cause the planet to lose balence and be lost into space. Now the heroes REALLY need to show Junjie he done fucked up now!

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