Coo Ra Too
Vital statistics
Title The Dimension Witch
Gender Female
Race/Species Navawaku
Faction Independent Keeper of Human Equestria Dimension
Description Traumatophobic, Shy, Cute, Endling, Easily Sensitive, Little Speech, Enthusiastic, Protective
Skills and Abilities Natural Magic and Million-Year Lifespan, Astral Abilities, Time and Space Manipulation, Flight, Magic Arts, World-Building Abilities
Status Alive
Location Human Equestria (Artificial Home Dimension)
Alignment Pure Good
Coo Ra Too is a supernatural alien being who has been known in many worlds as a mythical witch named The Dimension Witch, a being who was capable of manipulating time and space, and creating artificial universes and was almost as old as time itself, and no such evidence has been found of her existence. In reality, Coo is these things, but she is a very peaceful being who doesn't appreciate violence that much for a reason. After her race was wiped out by Chernabog during the First Cartoonian War, she was made an endling, made to forever be alone. So she created her own realm where she can never worry about war and suffering again. This world, as it turns out, is the Humanized Equestria that Twilight Sparkle knows is accessible through a magic mirror created by Coo herself that only opens once in a while and closes for thirty moons. Coo created this realm through inspiration of Equestria, and chose that the main race be humans after she knew that they were adaptable, high-spirited, pure, and able to carry the Equestrian philosophy of friendship as much as Equestria could. In this world, peace rules above all else, and war doesn't exist at all. While there may still be conflict in this world, it doesn't go all the way to match war, which is Coo's ultimate fear. Coo is similar to Mew from Pokémon, only with more feminine features.


Coo was born to a race of ultra-intelligent beings called the Navawaku, creatures that could live for millions for years and had the ability to build worlds, manipulate time and space, and even had a greater understanding of morality. But when the First Cartoonian War was waging it's battles, Chernabog saw this particular race as a threat to his rule, and ordered a planetary invasion of their world. The Darkspawn attacked the world, and Coo was sent away by her parents to uphold their lineage, and possibly to search for any Navawaku survivors. Their world was destroyed from the inside out, and Coo was left on her own, and forever developed traumatophobia, a fear of conflicts and war. She hid in the shadows until the Cartoonian War was over, and when the dust cleared, Coo was first homesick and had no idea what to do.

When Coo became 193, she discovered Equestria, which she heard from stories had been the homeworld of Equestrian ponies, who's hearts were so pure, they were immune to complete corruption. Upon discovering how pure they were, Coo decided to dedicate the next few moments of her life studying these ponies and learn everything about their ways. She discovered their philosophies of friendship and the magic it possessed, she learned of their history, and she was really heart-broken that their creators, the Alicorn Gods, had been destroyed by Darkspawn creations, knowing exactly how that felt. Shy of going out and introducing herself, she decided that even though she could never see her home again, she should create a home of her own where she would never have to worry about war again. So she searched the UUniverses for inspiration of what kind of inhabitants to put in her creation upon developing her kind's abilities. Then she discovered a race that she discovered may have had wars, but also have a primitive but excellent moral center, and thought that these beings could someday be like hers: humans. She decided that this would be the perfect race for her new home. So she got to work and created her own realm, combining the intelligence of humans with the magic of friendship and peace. Thus the Human Equestria was born.

On the very eve of 1st century A.D., development and settling conflicts, feuds, and things that could possibly have lead to a war had begun for the next thousand years as Coo had molded her new home into a war-free environment. The world would soon start to match modern-day Earth, and humans, while not withholding the magic of friendship like Equestria, had inherited it in Coo's image. Coo was sure that this realm, which was only accessible through a magic mirror she left in Equestria that allowed the ponies' philosophies shine through to the humans of her world, would soon be ready to be introduced. But it turns out that it was introduced early when Star Swirl the Bearded discovered the mirror, and used it to banish The Dazzlings there, which has left Coo fearful of another conflict. But surprisingly, the Dazzlings were not that powerful in her world, and the Dazzlings posed no threat and lived far longer than the average human lifespan since they had their medallions on them. Coo was sure that this wouldn't be a problem. But then Sunset Shimmer arrived. Coo sensed just as much darkness in her heart as there was with the Dazzlings, only she was more of a confused and misunderstood soul than them who only wanted power because she was a curious and anti-social person.

Years later, Coo was taken back by the arrival of Twilight and Spike into her world, and was surprised that they would have the potential to being Sunset into the light and make her realize that she was thinking too much about herself, someday wishing to visit Twilight and thank her for her achievement. Though when Sunset ended up becoming famous for telling her stories to the public, Coo made sure that possibilities of war would be balanced out by using human customs against them and make most of them disbelieve the stories, fearing that the greater understanding of magic could lead to an inevitable conflict, even having her world's governmental agencies gain some understanding of her existence for backup protection. Though she was amazed that Twilight eventually came back and defeated the Dazzlings, who had noticed the magic used when Twilight reformed Sunset. Though Coo wished to meet Twilight, she was scared to show herself in the fears that her world would be used for villainy and war. She believed that, with people like Twilight, hope may be existent in her home after all.

But what got her worrying the most was the Friendship Games incident, where she was horrified by what her world's Twilight got mixed up in and how it almost ripped both her world and Equestria asunder with her accidental corrupted powers. She was panicked and crying, fearing that suffering was about to occur until Sunset made everything right. Ever since, she has begun to fear that there are those in her world that want to understand the magic she inspired and do dishonorable acts with it. Someday, her fears will be realized when she ends up being caught enjoying public music by two certain bystanders, and her world will not only be forced to change possibly forever, but she'll have to ensure that war will never be a nuisance to her life anymore.

Assended Coo

Assended Coo (When Coo is given enough Energy to become a Stronger Force)


Since her race was wiped out by it, Coo's ultimate fear is war. When she believes that war is about to start, she gets stressed out, has emotional breakdowns, and tries her best to bargain out of it. War is apparently the only thing she hates since it took her home planet and her race. Though she often gets homesick on rare occasions. She is also very shy against people, including her human creations. She values her artificial human world which she had created to be her home.

Her timid nature leads to her trying to conceal herself with her powers. Though she is scared and anti-social, she is capable of speech since she learned all she could about human culture, including all their languages, cultures, and so on. She is also curious, and often loves to sneak into public areas to either listen to music, study human behavior, or have a turn trying out their technology. She lives in a magical cloud in the sky where she has her own human accommodations including TV, video games, mobile devices, and even cuisine. The cloud is mobile so she can travel across the land to both have fun and watch for things that could cause conflict.

Since she is afraid to be near people, Coo is not brave enough to get a human disguise of her own to blend in. Instead, she finds the best magical solution to hide and watch over her artificial world. Though she agrees all too well with Equestria's philosophy of friendship, she has yet to try it out. Plus she has no combat experience since she is a pacifist and fears war, and instead uses her powers to defend herself. She has a bit of a child-like mind due to her curiosity and enthusiasm for human culture, and she loves her human kingdom and it's inhabitants, that she'll try and get the chance to meet any heroes of her dimension.

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