Vital statistics
Title None
Gender Female
Race/Species Great Dane
Faction Hanne's Partner
Description Silent, Enthusiastic, Vicious, Reckless, Jumps Into Danger Without Thought
Skills and Abilities Common Dog Abilities, Imperfect But Effective Athletic Ability
Status Alive
Location Madagascar World
  • Copenhagen, Denmark (Hometown and Current Residence)
Alignment Good

Copenhagen is a Great Dane from Madagascar world Copenhagen (The city). She is a stray dog whom Hanne rescued from being put down for a biting incident and her owners getting arrested for protesting. Hanne was a known dog-lover as she met a few in her chick days, which is why she couldn't cope with Copenhagen being euthanized. Since then, she has kept her safe from animal control, and later on following her status as the Copenhagen Zoo's new commando since Skipper's incident with her ex-boyfriend Hans. Copenhagen has the same dog-enthusiastic behavior as Elmer from Street Smarts, yet is not as dumb and is as vicious as a common police dog, a quality made by Hanne. She likes to go into action, yet sometimes she can be a bit reckless and doesn't always think things through, proven by the incident that almost got her euthanized by law. Though she cannot speak, she has her own inner-monologues like Evenroute and The Thief. Thanks to being trained by Hanne, she has a though imperfect but effective enough ability to athleticly and actrobaticly keep up with Hanne.


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