Cain Zorro Meta
Vital statistics
Title Copyrat, Lab-Rat, Soul-Sucker
Gender Male
Race/Species Black rat (Rattus rattus)
Faction The Mimic Cult
Description Superanimal, Sensitive of Size, Jerk, Egotistical
Skills and Abilities Natural Rat Abilities, Super-Flight, Power Mimicry
Status Still at Large
Location Kratos
  • Groon (Hometown)
  • (Current Location Unknown...)
Alignment Evil

Cain Z. Meta, AKA Copyrat, is a Superior rat from Kratos. He is the secondary leader of The Mimic Cult, and helped Copyrightous found it after he was discriminated at his college for his powers being too 'deadly' for him to have any friends back in his younger days. He was considered an outcast, and was called 'freak', 'lab rat', and 'soul-sucker'. Unable to put up with it, he dropped out, and joined Copyrightous to form the Cult to make sure that mimicry Superiors were never discriminated like he was. He is sensitive of his size, and he is not afraid to kick someone's butt if he has to. His powers include power mimicry and super-flight.

  • MCode:PmSf


Cain was born on Kratos and raised by his single father who worked as a quantonium scientist until he died of a heart attack when Cain became 20. Since then, he went to a community college where he thought about getting a job in data entry for a quantonium sales company. Of course things didn't go well for him because he was so egotistical that he's tried to prove he was the best at computers. The only problem was, he always ends up making mistakes, which makes him a local target for bullies. And not just any bullies, but discriminative bullies who hate him for his power mimicry. They always called him 'soul-sucker', 'freak', 'lab-rat', and other names.

Cain, due to his small size, was unable to protect himself from the bullies, even with his power mimicry ability's effects of putting them in comas. Cain wasn't one to put people into comas because he didn't like violence one bit. But one day, the bullies went too far on making fun of him by referring his dead father in vain. After they constantly taunt him about it, he snaps and puts the bullies into comas. This results in him getting suspended, and when the bullies still teased him when they woke up, he was forced to drop out of college to either find a small job or a new college. That's when he met Copyrightous when he was banished from Prometheon. Cain was the first one to become friends with Copyrightous, and agreed to help him stop discrimination of power mimicking Superiors, and form the Mimic Cult, where Cain, now dubbed 'Copyrat', became the second leader.


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  • "My friends, we are about to embark on the most remarkable, the most righteous, the most brilliant success of the cult's illustrious career, the salvation for all mimic superiors, one that will live in infamy!"
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