Roan Base Copycon
Vital statistics
Title Copyrightous, Leader of The Mimic Cult
Gender Male
Race/Species Llama (Lama glama)
Faction The Mimic Cult
Description Superanimal, Bold, Tricky, Manipulative Silver-Tongue, Relentless, Wicked
Skills and Abilities Cane, Natural Animal Abilities, Super-Strength, Super-Flight, Power Mimicry
Status Still at Large
Location Kratos
  • Prometheon (Hometown)
  • (Current Location Unknown...)
Alignment Evil

Roan B. Copycon, AKA Copyrightous, is a Superior Llama from Kratos. He was a former protégé of Master Algorithm who's family lineage is part of the Kratosian Senate, and he was able to do well in his lessons, but he was entered in a wrestling tournament to prove his worth to his family. He used his ability to absorb and copy the powers of others and use them against his opponent. But what went horribly was when he ruined the life of Jessie Lightning by humiliating her in the tournament and even humiliating her niece. This got him banished from Prometheon forever. Alchorse, he matured out of his bully nature, phsyically and mentally, but only to evolved into a vengeful cultist mastermind he became today. While in exile, he rounded up an entire gang of superiors with the power to mimic the powers of others, and called it The Mimic Cult, which kidnap the most well-spirited members of their kind, and convince them to join. Their most notable target was Ororo Joltzen, who Algor tried to protect by outlawing mimicry, unknowingly causing her and her friends to rebel, and got her banished, technically meaning it was The Mimic Cult's fault she was banished. Now that she's back, they continue to target her. Copyrightous' superpowers include power mimicry, super-strength, and super-flight.

  • MCode:PmSfSs


Roan was born in Prometheon and was the son of two Senators of the Prometheus Temple. While growing up, he took a few discriminative rants from others and stood up for himself every once in a while. In fact, one time, he did it so well, Master Algorithm chose him to be his top protégé, and possible next leader of Kratos. While he reached his teen years, he learned very well, and he even learned how to control his powers accurately, which he has constantly been failing in. But that, unfortunately, wasn't good enough for the Senate.

When he became 22, Roan decided to prove himself worthy of the job by going into a superpower wrestling match where he used power mimicry to win each one. The audience both liked or hated it, but he was named an excellent champion. While he was half-dubbed as cheating, he promised he wouldn't do anything like that again. When he found out his next challenger was Jessie Lightning, he borrowed telepathic powers from another Superior, and with it, humiliated Jessie in front of the entire audience by bringing up her dead family in the hands of a bandit raid.

Jessie had testified in court for the humiliation, and shockingly, she lost due to Roan being of royal blood and only a Senator had the right to punish him if it had to be done. Roan was proud to be free from the court case, and he soon went too far with bullying Jessie that he found her young niece, Lisa, from the Kratosian Gazette, and used a borrowed telepathic ability to bring up her secret crush on a teenager half her age, and she was embarrassed and fell into a deep depression that not even Jessie could get her out of.

While these actions resulted in Jessie becoming a bully, she told everything to the Senate, and as punishment for his unacceptable abuse of his powers, the Senate had no choice but to banish Roan from Prometheon forever. While in exile, Roan had discovered that he wasn't the only one who had been discriminated in his early life. He made a few friends on the way, including Copyrat, Ripper-Offer, and Mocker Bird along with 2 others. All of them have been wronged in their lives, and have joined together to form the Mimic Cult, where he intends to make power mimicry the dominant superpower, and punish those who discriminated it. While their last leader, Mimicrier, wasn't all that bad, he still dedicates himself a good member to the Cult.

The Cult has still been active, and over the years, have been collecting an army of Superiors with power-mimicry, recently including Ororo Joltzen, who Master Algor has been trying to protect by first illegalizing power mimicry, then banishing her when she rebelled. But when she returned, she makes herself a target again to The Mimic Cult.


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  • "Mimicry is the Superior power. The TRUE Superior power. Algor, even Grotch himself, blinded us with their "all powers are equal" nonsense, and yet, powers get illegalized. Does that not scream hypocrisy to you? In fact, for a time, mimicry was illegal, but then only to be only restricted. It's time we demonstrated our superiority, child, to the 'Inferiors' of the true powers of mimicry."
  • "Kratos turns it's back on Superiors like us. They stopped depending on us. The only thing they haven't stopped doing is LAUGHING at us. They've discriminated our kind in the past, they've considered our powers stealing and infringement! They've called us terrible names like 'rogue', 'wastes', 'sponges', 'copycats', 'mockers', 'infringers',...'mimickers'! But their insults just give us strength! Because soon, my friends, THAT ALL ENDS!"
  • "They laughed at us, but now, it's our turn to laugh back!"
  • "Embrace your inner mimicker, let it fuel you!"
  • "This was meant to be the day when mimickers would be respected the way we didn't want it to be. But soon enough, they will understand the mistakes they have done in the past, and COMPLETELY ignored what we were TRULY capable of. Soon enough, they will SEE the clear truth, and we, with our clear ability to absorb virtually an infinite amount of powers, will become THE MOST POWERFUL SUPERIORS IN THE UUNIVERSES!"
  • "We have stated for decades how power mimicry was useful, but all they have done is deem it a dangerous superpower. But soon enough, when Kratos is in danger of something more powerful than whatever demon may crawl from the actual pits of Tartarus, they will come to us, as they will have no choice, because they will NEED us. And when we prove that mimicry can be used to turn our enemies' abilities against them, they will finally RESPECT us! So hold your hands high! Soon, you will NEVER again be ashamed of who you are!"
  • "Long live mimickers!"
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