Coralia Ryana Reefshank
Vital statistics
Title Crazy Sonny
Gender Female
Race/Species Hydrocabiais (Hydrocabiais halicolus)
Faction Sea Squirrel Deviation (Main Group), Feng Shui (As a Rogue)
Description Mentally Insane, Wicked, Never Shuts Up Even Underwater, Enjoys Water, Aquaphile, Dangerous
Skills and Abilities Natural Animal Abilities, Semi-Aquatic, Inhaler-Like Rebreather For Breathing Underwater, Martial Art Skills, Expert Survivor, Intelligent In Her Own Way, Vibroknife And Vibrokatana, Blaster
Status Alive
Location Alternate UUniverses
  • Bryn Gris, Seashus Islands, Chimerum (Theta Universe, Cibarron Sector, Dijigon System) (Homeland)
Alignment Mentally Destroyed Evil

Coralia R. Reefshank is an Alternate UUniversal Hydrocabiais from Planet Chimerum. Born underwater by accident and getting little oxygen at birth, Coralia had a cheery and sorrowful personality and lust for water, becoming a decent swimming instructor and lifeguard until The Hydrocabiais Extinction Event damaged her mind further and turned her into a mental maniacal menace. Joining the Sea Squirrel Deviation, she was assigned to Bikini Bottom in what was supposed to be a secret base establishing mission, but she instead went to join up with Feng Shui as a loyal and insane assistant who's a dangerous combatant and always carries a rebreather when underwater and especially so when she always wastes her breath speaking in such setting.


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